How so you like to wake up on a Saturday morning?

Well, most of you don’t want to wake up until Saturday afternoon, that’s a given of course, but if you have to get up, why not get up to the gorgeous Rochelle Hardy!  She’s been the cure for many a hangover in the past and knows just how to extract all that nastiness from your body, if you know what we mean!

Babestation's Rochelle Hardy
Rochelle Hardy on Babestation

Daytime today on Babestation:

  • Rochelle Hardy
  • Cali Garcia
  • Kaitlyn
  • Tanya

Nights on Babestation:

  • Caty Cole
  • Preeti
  • Savannah
  • Leigh Darby
  • Ruby Summers

And your Starlets for the evening:

  • Gina
  • Amy
Babestation X Kaitlyn live show
Kaitlyn will be on Babestation X tonight

If it’s live show action from the Babestation X team you’re after then you won’t be disappointed either.  On the live show tonight they have the wonderful Kaitlyn and Sami Jay!  Kaitlyn is usually a daytime girl as you know, but she does like to let her hair down and get those knickers off on the hard show from time to time!

Babestation – Nothing like it really!