Did you know that next month sees the launch of the Xbox Digital TV Tuner?  For all those of you with an Xbox one, for about 25 quid you’ll be able to transform your Xbox into a Freeview receiver with the help of this little cable.  Only problem they can see with it so far is that you won’t be able to record shows to your console.  However, Kinect voice controls will be active so when you say “Babestation” it should be able to find just what you’re looking for!

Speaking of which, here’s your line-up for today on the show:

  • Maddie
  • Kaitlyn
  • Summer J
  • Tanya
A very Preeti nurse on the show tonight

And tonight:

  • Caty Cole
  • Preeti Young
  • Lori Buckby
  • Paige Turnah
  • Cali Garcia


  • Sophie Hart
  • Gina

And Babestation X tonight features the gorgeous Beth alongside Xena Wilkes and the new face Tasha Holz.  This is going to be an awesome night no matter which show you’re watching.  Remember that if you want to see the live Babestation X show you’ll need to be a member to see all the good stuff that starts at 22.00.  Sign up to Babestation now, there are loads of payment and length of membership options to choose from.


Babestation – Just what Friday ordered!