Have you got any idea just how filthy Tammy Oldham can really be?

Tammy Oldham - Babestation X tonight

Tammy Oldham Punani!

You might have seen her on Sexstationtv getting her pussy out and pounding it with one of her favourite dildos, but have you any idea just how filthy she’s likely to be on a Babestation X live show?  She’s on the show tonight and she is reported to be already well juiced up for the event.  For Tammy Oldham, Babestation X is an excuse to be even filthier than she usually is!  If that’s actually possible…  We thought we’d share a few dirty pictures of the filthy Tammy Oldham, just to give you an idea how far she’s likely to go on screen tonight!

Tammy Oldham - Babestation X tonight

Tammy Oldham – Babestation X tonight

She won’t be on her own tonight however fellas.  Joining her will be Chantelle White, fresh from her porn shoots with the legendary Peter Oh Tool; so she might be a little sore around the asshole guys!  It’s important for you to tune in, if only to see how it went with Pete the meat!  I know for a fact she got a good seeing to…

Remember that you can get it all for £1.50, and you can also have a two day trial for the same price!  If you use your brain you can get two live shows for the price of one this way.

So tonight on Babestation X – Tammy Oldham and Chantelle White!

You can watch the show on Freeview Channel 174 or live on the Babestation X website.


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