No, don’t worry, not the kind that requires an ambulance; we’re talking about the kind that provokes a stiffy in your pants…

There is a movie in the Babestation Member’s area right now of this gorgeous piece of ass, touching herself up.  To be perfectly honest, it wouldn’t matter to me (and many of you lot I’m sure) whether she was touching herself up or not.  Just the fact that she’s sitting down in a chair wearing stockings and suspenders, looking all terrifically fuckable is enough!

Jennifer Jade movie
Jennifer Jade movie

Watching Jennifer Jade’s eyes catch the camera in this movie as it zooms around her and captures her every curve, is enough to make you cum in your pants alone; never mind those beautifully constructed boobs, the fine eclipse of those hips, and those sensual lips that simply force you to kiss your monitor!

If you’re into Jennifer Jade then you’re going to love this video.  If you’re not particularly into Jennifer Jade then do us all a favour, take yourself outside to the shed, get two pieces of wood and slam your balls between them because you must be fucking crazy!

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