MILF pornstar and PornHub favourite Tanya Tate is one of the most searched names in porn despite her retirement from the industry in 2017. Even though Tanya has hung up her thong, she still has many fans who still adore her, such as Tanya’s ‘top fan’, Dan from Scotland, who reveals what he loves most about his fave pornstar:

What turns you on most about Tanya?

I mean where to begin?! She’s just pure perfection isn’t she. In my book, Tanya Tate is the definition of an iconic pornstar. She’s got it all – perky ass, big boobs, tight pussy and she’s mature so she knows what she wants

What’s your favourite outfit Tanya has worn on screen or in her porn films?

I love her roleplay outfits. Whenever I see her in a XXX video playing a teacher or mistress it really gets my blood pumping. I love being bossed about so watching an HD video of Tanya Tate strutting around a classroom in stockings and heels really turns me on

What would you say are Tanya’s best assets?

It sounds cheesy but Tanya has the most beautiful smile. Obviously I also like her sexy nude figure and big tits but I didn’t want to be crude.

What are your favourite porn scenes Tanya Tate has starred in?

I love her threesome anal creampie scene with Debbie White. My word, that’s a hot scene! Tanya’s sexy naked curves look sensational as she bounces up and down on a big cock and licks Debbie’s shaved pussy

What was the sexiest thing you ever discussed with Tanya on the phone or webcam?

It’s been a long time since I spoke to Tanya Tate but we last spoke on cam in 2014 and she told me about some of her favourite lesbian experiences she’d had in porn films. It was incredibly erotic. She went into great detail about how she liked her pussy being licked and who she orgasmed with.

If Tanya returned to porn, what kind of scenes should she do?

I’d absolutely love to see Tanya in a gang bang or DP scene. Can’t see it happening though lol

If you could get Tanya Tate back on the shows and set her any tip goal, what would it be?

I’d love a closeup POV blowjob where she’s looking directly at the camera. Yummy!

If you could see Tanya get naughty with any other performer, who would it be?

I’d like to see her with someone like Beth Bennet or Atlanta. I think that would make for a hot scene

If you could take Tanya Tate on a date, where would you take her?

The top of the Shard for a slap up meal and a cocktail. I’d even pay for her cab home.

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