Due to lockdown restrictions and social distancing rules, many of us will unfortunately be forced to celebrate this Valentines Day via a webcam.  Coming face to face with our significant other, tantalisingly close and yet so frustratingly far and unattainable to touch.  Who’d have thought it would come to this?  Well this year Babestation has a few naughty sex tips to make your virtual experience with your partner as pleasurable as possible:

With the help of:

We break down some virtual Valentines sex tips into three important areas to think about.

1. Foreplay and Build Up

With no physical contact, the most important aspect of a virtual Valentines has to be the visual part.  Turning each other on with what you can see and what you’re showing your partner.  Here’s one of Sophie Hart’s top sex tips for making sure the build up and what you’re wearing is hitting all the right notes.

“I think foreplay is one of the most important things, getting each other revved up, and in the mood for it!  I’d wear no bra, with a see through top so you can just see what you’re gonna get.  It’s such a tease.”

2. Play Sexy Games

Stella Paris has some sex tips to help you and your partner enjoy each other in a fun and sexy way.

“If they have access to a Vibratoy, those things are actually great!  He can send vibrations to her pussy, or even up her ass!  They can play games like spin the wheel or they could come up with different sexy dares for each other to do, write them down and put them in a bowl and pick each one out randomly.”

3. Ambience and Coming Prepared.

For Bella Mendez, it’s all about the ambience and treating the other person to a sexy striptease.  Another of her top sex tips is also making sure you come prepared with some quality food and drink.

Bella Mendez sex tips

“I’d get the RnB on, some candles lit, then do a sexy striptease out of a slinky silk robe.  I’d also have some champagne handy, some strawberries and cream and if the other person had all that stuff as well, we wouldn’t just be eating it, we could play with it too”

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