You have heard the rumours… You have seen the blogs… You have read the forums… Now it’s time to officially announce that the legend Dionne Mendez is returning to Babestation on Sunday 11th November.  Xclusive to Babestation X…

She’s been elsewhere doing TV work and goodness knows what else, but now Dionne Mendez is back where she belongs, and she’s filthier than ever!  Can you remember her from Babestation of old?
Free Dionne Mendez pics
It’s all on Sunday guys.  Go to Freeview channel 174 and press red to see pink! Or go to
Tell us who else you’d like to see on Babestation or Babestation X



  1. From Dionnes Twitter

    Dionne mariea Mendez ‏@Dionnemendez3
    @BSXtreme looking forward 2 sunday nights show….. Gonna be a blast from the past!!

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