Welcome back to my Scottish wank story about the time I stayed up in Glasgow with Emily! It turned out that Emily was in fact a fairly well known Scottish escort and porn star, especially north of the border. The fact she was in her early 30’s made her even more special, as she was the perfect MILF and had all the experience to match. After our meeting in the bar, we decided there was no time like the present to move in and so I went straight back to the B&B where I had been staying to pick up my stuff. I hope you enjoyed part one, if you missed it please take a look.

Her flat was in Hillhead and I had heard that the West End, was one of the best areas in Glasgow to live. That information was absolutely right, as I walked up to the door of her flat, top floor and penthouse, I couldn’t believe my luck. Though I did wonder what the pay back would be for such a low rent. I knew it couldn’t be cleaning or anything like that as Emily had already told me she had a cleaner who came in twice a week.

She opened the door wearing little more than a short, silky bath robe and still had water droplets glistening on her body, so guessed she had just got out of the shower. She was on the phone and as she motioned me into the huge living room, I noticed her nipples were pert and erect, looking like they were trying to poke their way right through the fabric. As she stood in front of the window overlooking the city, I saw her hand slip between her legs and she gave a small moan as she parted them to gain better access. She turned around and winked at me, rolling her eyes slightly as she neared the end of the call.

After showing me the room I was going to be spending the next few weeks in, she opened up a bottle of wine and suggested we toasted my arrival with a glass or two. She told me she had been on the phone making some last minute arrangements for her next swingers party. When I asked her when it was, she laughed and said it was that night, so I had better get myself ready for some fun as I was to be her partner!

I began to understand that this Scottish MILF had everything planned from the moment we met and it was becoming clear what the payback involved. She told me I was to be her slut partner and she expected me to go along with pretty much anything that was suggested. When I asked what kind of things, she just said “Oh you know, lots of lesbian action, some dildo play and as much fucking with the other guests as I liked”. The only proviso it turned out was that much of it was going to be filmed as amateur porn so that all the guests could relive the action whenever they felt the need!

She also said there was a couple coming that both enjoyed JOI and it was amazing to watch the both of them hold on and then orgasm at the same time. One of the couples would be doing the filming as they were both voyeurs and really got off on spying on everyone else. To my surprise (and delight), Emily then showed me some special spy holes she had installed in the flat to ensure the voyeur action was captured in the most perfect way.

The guests started to arrive just after 10pm and each one was given an envelope and a numbered tag when they entered. After a few drinks, Emily said it was time to get the party started and instructed everyone to open their envelopes. Each of them had a special instruction inside and mine said ‘Tongue Delights’, hers said ‘Anal Pleasure’. To get things going, she told me to delight her with my tongue which I did with relish, starting on her delicious pert breasts. She tasted amazing and it wasn’t long before my tongue made it’s way into her love hole and was flicking around her clit.

The couple filming were making sure they got all the action from every angle possible and the other guests looked on, touching and feeling themselves and each other. I felt Emily shudder as she jammed her pussy into my face and I felt her come all over my mouth, nearly choking me with her gushing. It was only when she told me to turn around and bend over that I realised what the game was all about. She didn’t give me any warning but after covering the dildo in her own juices, she shoved it right into my arse and then got one of the other couples to come over and start playing with my tits. I had one either side, licking, sucking and squeezing my nipples.

Then another couple joined in and he started to tongue my pussy and she was rubbing my clit, all the time Emily was sliding the dildo in and out of my arse. This was somewhat more than the lesbian action Emily had promised and was beginning to look more like a porno party for swingers. The JOI couple were both kneeling in front of the action, both looking desperate for action. He with his hard cock standing to attention and her with her pussy visibly throbbing. They kept looking up at Emily and then back at all the sex and fucking action going on in the room.

Finally, Emily gave them the go ahead and they both erupted into the loudest orgasm I’ve ever heard. Without even touching each other, his cock spurted towards my face, covering me with his come and she squirted her come straight at me. I could feel my pussy explode as Emily gave one final push of the dildo into my arse. There was juice erupting from everyone in the room, spunk and come dripping from pretty much every orifice.

“Time for some nibbles” said Emily and then we can start round 2!