Before I started my career on Babestation, I found myself up in Glasgow doing some modelling. It was there that I found my ideal wank fantasy in the world of Scottish Pornstars.

The first time I heard her accent I was in total shock. Part of me wanted her to repeat what she had just said to me word for word and another part of me (my knees) almost buckled beneath me. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before and a bit of a shock to be honest. I was standing outside the shop where I’d seen the advert and the last thing I expected was to be close to having an orgasm after hearing that voice. I couldn’t wait to meet her and find out what she looked like and whether I really was going to find my ideal flatmate so quickly. We arranged to meet in an hour, in a bar near to where she lived.

It was my first visit to Glasgow and I’d been staying at a B&B since my arrival. The modelling job offer had come as a bit of a shock, especially as they had told me they wanted me to start within the week, which meant packing a bag and heading north pretty much straight away. I’d already done 3 days of shooting for a big catalogue firm and they had been impressed enough to offer me some more work. It may have been due to the fact, that I wasn’t shy and unlike some of the other girls, I didn’t have a problem taking my clothes off in public. While most of the others were getting changed behind screens, I didn’t waste any time stripping off and changing into my next outfit in front of the crew.

It was during one of these quick changed that I noticed Billy looking at me (or should I say taking in the view). I’ve always loved showing off, so made absolutely sure my exaggerated moves gave him quite an eyeful. He came over at the end of the days shoot and asked if I’d like to do some private work for his online magazine. He said it was great money and he’d be able to give me lots of work over the next few months. So, with that in mind, I needed somewhere a bit more permanent to stay.

I got to the bar a little early and ordered myself a drink and made for a table near the corner so I could watch the door for when she arrived. It was mainly guys in there but there were a couple of girls and everyone seemed to have their eyes fixed on the screen at the back of the pub. I couldn’t really see it from where I was sitting but I could see the result of what they were watching. Hands were groping crotches and creeping up short skirts, inside of blouses and undoing zips. I guessed they were watching some kind of porn on the screen and although that sort of thing doesn’t shock me at all, I was a little surprised to be party to this inside a bar in the middle of the day.

I got up to find the toilets and realised I’d have to walk past them and my instinct was right. There on the screen were 2 girls giving this guy a full frontal blowjob. One of them had his dick in her mouth and the other one was sucking on both his balls, trying to squeeze them in between her red painted lips. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen and the girl who was nearest the toilet door. She looked like she was being fingered by 2 guys at once, one either side of her, with a hand up her skirt. By the time I’d managed to get to the toilet I was feeling rather wet and knew I was going to need a little play before heading back to my seat.

I immediately started rubbing my pussy and sliding my fingers in and out of my wet hole, all the while wishing I had brought my vibe with me. I kept seeing the 2 girls mouths on the screen and imagining the 2 guys and their fingers sliding in and out of her pussy. It was like an amateur porn set and I felt like I was part of it. My head starting drifting back to the blowjob given by those Scottish sluts and I was loving it! Just as I switched to imagining them giving my pussy the same kind of delicious tonguing, I came all over my hand!

Things seemed to have settled down a little bit when I got back to my seat and I noticed that a few of those who had been watching the action on the screen had disappeared. No doubt they too had found the need to relieve themselves. I heard the door to the bar open and then in she walked. I knew it was her right away and her description of being a Scottish MILF was absolutely perfect. After getting herself a drink and giving a few of the locals an extra friendly hello, she made her way over to me.

As soon as she opened her mouth and I heard that sexy Scottish accent for the second time that day, I felt my pussy start to throb. She followed her introduction with a kiss close to my ear and I was sure I felt the very tip of her tongue against my skin. Her name was Emily and I knew right away that life with Emily was going to be very interesting indeed if my moving in with her went ahead.

You can find out exactly how interesting things got in the next sexstallment coming to throb inside your pants very soon.