Camilla, what can we say that hasn’t been said already?



Here’s our video tribute for Camilla, the Queen of Babestation:

Video of Camilla

You were indeed the Queen of Babestation TV and now you’re off onto pastures new.  You’ve been with us so long it’s hard to work out just how long to be honest; we’re sure some of your devout fans out there can tell us!

Camilla how we'd all like her!
Camilla how we’d all like her!

You’ve certainly made an impression on everyone you’ve worked with at Babestation…

Remember Camilla, someone else might come along and take your place, but they’ll never fill your high heels!

Babestation Management

Camilla has always been hot, there’s no denying that.  Her body has always been her temple, and thousands of guys and gals out there in telly land have appreciated it throughout her time with Babestation.  There aren’t many babes out there that could command the audiences she managed to get, with or without her new boobs!  And boy oh boy do those boobs look fabulous.  We thought they looked good in the beginning, but now?  WOW!

Don't Fuck With Camilla Badged

From one star to another, we thought that the following quote would suit Queen Camilla.

“Sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can fall together.”

Marilyn Monroe

All the best for the future Camilla, we’ll miss you at Babestation.

Please leave your well wishes for Camilla in the comment box; we’re sure she’ll read them.

You can still keep a track of Camilla’s exploits and all those sexy pictures and videos she works tirelessly creating for her fans by going to Babestation Camilla’s official website.


  1. Camilla has given me so many good times when I’ve returned home late having failed to pull (again!) Keep up the good work babe, we love you, no matter where you are!

  2. I’ve never been able to explain, but there’s something special about Camilla. She drives me crazy! I mean just look at her in that pic! Fuck!

    Very sad to see her go.

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