We had to put Jade Samantha in for Babe of the Week after seeing this photo shoot for Christ’s sake!  We’re only human (well nearly!)

Apparently she had a hell of a time having these pictures taken.  She’s a bit of a “water baby” as the saying goes (or at least I think it does).  One of my buddies was on the shoot and he told me that he had wood from the moment she walked into the room wearing that bikini.

Free porn
Jade Samantha

Hardly surprising really is it?  And I’m the poor bastard that gets to sit at the computer and upload the pictures for you lot to jerk off over!  I’m in the wrong department.  Maybe I should take up photography?

free Babestation pics
Pool party with Jade Samantha

So she didn’t get Babe of the Week for doing anything except getting wet?  Yes, that’s right.  Should there be another reason?  Let’s have some comments guys, what do you think of the lovely Jade Samantha, hasn’t she come on well?


See pics of Jade Samantha here