Babestation would like to offer their sincerest condolences to you after what you got up to last night…

We’re not judging you, but just know that someone who drinks that much on a Saturday night and gets up to what you did deserves everything they get!  Of course, we’re not entirely innocent of course.  It is our fault in a way that your wife came down the stairs when she did and caught you pulling your puddin over the lovely Savannah on Babestation X last nigt.  You’re going to have to make up for it somehow fella, but in the meantime you may as well dig yourself a deeper hole; you can’t really be more in trouble can you?


Tashie Jackson
Tashie Jackson – true wank fodder!

Which is why we’re showing you a dirty picture of the lovely Babestation star Tashie Jackson.  Imagine bending that fine piece of ass over that bed and banging her back doors in!  If this isn’t enough to incite another wanking attack then I don’t know what is.  It’s Sunday morning and you’ve spent the night on the sofa anyway, so you might as well go for the long haul and risk it again; after all, if you spend tonight on the sofa too, you can watch more porn and tune into the show again!

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