Alright, so Babestation X have stopped running the live shows.  We’d just like to take this opportunity to tell you that you don’t need to worry about Babestation doing this…

Babestation are not going to stop broadcasting.  It would take a natural disaster of gigantic proportions to stop our girls bouncing their cute little asses up and down on the bed for even five minutes, never mind putting a stop to it all together.  Besides where would all the girls go?  Shopping?  Oxford Street would be awash with guys falling over each other to get to the girls!  We can’t possibly let them all out on the street at the same time, even if they do have sunglasses!

Babestation X
Babestation X will continue with or without the live shows!

No, on a more serious note, there have been complaints from competitors and individuals that Babestation X was getting a little bit too hot and therefore we’re simply not allowed to do it anymore.

“For a number of months now rival broadcasters have been making vociferous complaints to the authorities about BSX including that we have been broadcasting material that was too strong for the UK market”

Mark Cremona

We’re unsure of what’s going to happen over at Babestation X in terms of shows in the future but we know that they’ve all stopped for the time being.  The website however, is still alive and well, and we can put whatever we want on there, so you can expect to see a whole load more Babestation girl action coming up very soon.  The production staff over at Babestation X will continue to shoot soft and hardcore content until someone removes their fingers!

Babestation – It’ll take a lot more than that to beat us!


    • Sorry, no, you couldn’t be more wrong. There will always be those who feel as though they have been cheated. The same can be said for anything – when we get a burger that looks nothing like it does on the picture for example. But Babestation X has an awful lot more very satisfied customers. We wouldn’t have it otherwise. It’s sad but true that complaints have forced our hand on this occassion.

  1. hi shame you had to stop why didnt you ignore those who wanted you to stop why didnt they want to do something like you im going to miss all those sexy girls ps more of louise porter please

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