It’s the last weekend of the month guys, so let’s see it out with a bang!

The silly season will soon sap all of our happiness as people go marching up and down the high street looking for presents, so as far as we’re concerned there’s even more reason to kick back and relax at the weekend.

And who do we have for you tonight on Babestation?  Well among others, including Lolly Badcock, Preeti and Jada, we have the wonderful Tori-Lee!  This Geordie really knows how to talk filthy on the phone and if you haven’t had a chance to chat with her yet, then tonight is your lucky night.

The lovely Tori-Lee on the show tonight

Babestation X news

A little change of plan for Friday on Babestation X.  Sami J will now be performing with Elicia Solis, but if you had your heart set on Victoria Summers, never fear, because she’ll be performing with the lovely Leigh Darby on Saturday.

So that’s girl-girl live hardcore action on Friday and Saturday night this weekend on Babestation X!  What more could you ask for?  Well you could ask for a great deal on viewing it.  You can get access to the live shows online for just £1.50 for a two day membership trial with Babestation of course.

Babestation and Babestation X – All the action you want this weekend…


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