Sunday is a good day as far as we’re concerned.  And although we’re busy producing our own Babestation show, our filthy friends Babestation X are putting on a live show tonight that’s liable to put us off our game…

Chloe Lovette and Kiki Minaj are in the house and they’re feeling really fucking filthy!  These two are both renowned for being porn stars who like to go the extra mile, and they’re going to prove it yet again tonight live on the Babestation X website or on Freeview Channel 174.  Remember that tonight’s show will only cost you £1.50, and if you’re already a member of Babestation X it’s free of course (and those members can get their free TV PIN code from the website to watch on Freeview if they like!)

lesbian porn show
Chloe Lovette and Kiki Minaj on Babestation X tonight!

Chloe Lovette and Kiki Minaj have been favourites on Sexstation for a long time, and you can often find them there doing solo live shows all day and all night long, but to have the opportunity to get them both on the same bed (or wherever they’ll be performing) is one not to be missed under any circumstances.  We have it on very good authority that the two of them are really looking forward to getting filthy with each other.  They both love to have lesbian sex, but on cam is even better!

Chloe Lovette and Kiki Minaj
Chloe Lovette and Kiki Minaj

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