We like to give back to the lovely people who follow us on our social media accounts, and so tonight at 11pm we’re offering a twitter freebie to anyone who follows our @babestationtv twitter account – a free BSX pin code for Freeview!

How do I get my free BSX pin?

Click “Follow @BabestationTv on Twitter” on the widget above, and once you follow us (or if you already follow us – you’re the best) you’ll get sent to a page where you can redeem your FREE bsx code! All you have to do is go to channel 174 on Freeview from 11pm tonight, and press the red button on your tv remote, then type that code into the page you’re sent to. Easy Peasy.

BSX will be live from 11pm until 5am so you’ve got 6 hours of glorious filthy fun, and tonight we’re featuring Preeti, Lori, Jenna and Candy (and many more beautiful babes!).

You won’t be able to claim your free BSX pin until 11pm, but you won’t be able to get your code from channel 174 until then either. In the meantime, why don’t you take a look at our two websites – BabestationTV is our glamour site, full of beautiful pictures and videos of our girls, and BSX is our harder, porn-ier site for those who like the really dirty stuff!


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