Unleashed on a Sunday…

The one and only Carla Mai will be fucking her fella live on Unleashed tonight at 10pm.  I’m not too sure who her guy is, but I know he must be really looking forward to the show; almost as much as you Carla Mai fans are no doubt.

Carla looks a little bit like a naughty college girl don’t you think?  Can you imagine sitting next to this babe during a lecture and having her reach down beneath the desk and grab a handful of your cock? I bet Carla Mai jerks cock nice and hard at the end don’t you?  She looks like the type of girl who wants to get the spunk flying!  If you follow her on Twitter you’ll see pictures of what she gets up to with that bloke of hers and let me tell you that it’s all hardcore stuff!

Carla Mai on Unleashed tonight
Carla Mai on Unleashed tonight

I’m only assuming this is the bloke she’ll be fucking today!  I hope so now that I’ve gone on about it…  A girl like this might very well have another guy by now of course.  It would be a bit awkward if she met someone new last night and said to them today: “so, we have to go on a live sex show tonight, you up for it?”  How many of you would be up for that?

Anyway, you can watch it on our website for free if you’re a member of course, and if you’re not you can become a trial member for £1.50.  This will also give you access to all the content on our site; including recordings of earlier Unleashed shows etc.

So get your ticket for tonight’s show on Babestation Unleashed