Since we’ve been meeting with the girls and chatting with them about their desires and kinks etc, we’ve come to know them a little better.  Get a load of Tashie Jackson…

When I met Tashie in the changing rooms of the studio (yes, changing rooms!) I had a nice little chat with her about this and that.  Well, to be honest Tashie did most of the talking, simply because she’s able to talk for England if she really wanted to!  This pretty young thing informs me that, not only has she’s done modelling in many of the lad’s mags, but she also speaks four different languages: Spanish, French, Arabic and Greek; she also understands Hindi and Portuguese   Is there anyone in the UK that this gorgeous Babestation girl can’t speak to on the phone?  It just goes to show that Babestation brings you the best of the best, in so many ways!

Tashie Jackson – Babestation

This gorgeous 22 year old was chatting to me whilst eating her lunch, and believe me, she looks just as good whilst she’s eating as she does when she’s chatting to you lot on the phones; she has perfect table manners!

Tashie works on the Daytime show obviously, and sadly she doesn’t do porn!  Never mind though guys, who needs her to do porn when you’ve got a good imagination?

One thing I will tell you, that you may or may not know.  Tashie loves having slaves, and she’s always looking for new guys to join her entourage! Follow her on Tashie on Twitter and get involved.

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