I had a great opportunity to chat to Tammy Taylor the other day whilst profiling the girls and I have to say that there’s a lot more to discover about this wonderful young woman…

Just writing “wonderful” in the heading has immediately made me think of Wonder Woman; strange I know.  But now I think about it, and looking at a picture of this lovely Babestation girl, couldn’t you just see her playing the role?  That lovely “girl next door” face, with a contrasting smouldering sexuality?  And those big tits in that costume would look “wonderful” indeed I think!

Tammy Taylor
Tammy Taylor – Babestation

Tammy has worked for Babestation for a number of years now, as I’m sure some of you are aware.  She’s been on Babestation X, Babestation Nights, and Babestation Daytime, as well as performing on the webcams.  These days she’s settled down onto the daytime show mostly, but it doesn’t make her any less popular with you fans I know!  Tammy has many regular callers and makes a habit of making them all feel very special indeed.  She has a particular fondness for those of you with a nice personality, someone who can make her laugh; and she likes a nice accent too apparently (her favourite being Irish!)  There’s a few tips for you boys, so go and practice your Irish and get on the phone!

You can keep track of Tammy by following her on Twitter, and you can also visit her own official website if you like.

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