What does life entail to a typical 23-year-old girl? Perhaps being in university, studying to get a degree, or learning a new skill like baking or painting, or she could be discovering more about her passions and fulfilling her dreams. You see, those are what keep a usual girl in her early 20’s busy these days. For Heidi, she is not really different from the girls her age, the only thing that sets her apart is that she has got quite an unusual job….she’s a webcam model.

Financial Stability and Freedom: How Webcamming Made A Difference in A 23-Year-Old Girl’s Life.

Growing up in Melbourne, Heidi always dreamed of being an engineer; that is why she took up civil engineering in university. When she is not busy with her studies, she enjoys making doughnuts, preparing tea, doing yoga, painting, and going hiking from time to time.

But do not be so quick to judge this babe based on what she does in the open, because in behind closed doors, she is one of those top-earning adult webcam stars in Australia. She earns about half a million dollars ($500,000) every year as an online sex worker who doesn’t need to be in physical contact with their patrons. This has been made possible with the interactive live adult shows hosted by cam girls like Heidi.

Model Maddison Lee
Maddison Lee

How It Started

Discovering about the online sex industry through a link from another cam model on Tumblr, she revealed that she first began doing webcam shows when she was only 21. She confessed to watching her streams for a couple of months until she took the chance to take the same career path.

Heidi is part of a huge group of girls pursuing the provocative but rewarding profession. With the existing hype of this growing genre of internet porn, more and more Australian models are now dominating adult webcam sites, increasing by more than six times since 2015.

As a result, a lot of adult webcam sites are now ranking on the top 1000 websites on all of the internet in terms of traffic. What’s more encouraging to consider doing this job is that website like these also pays their models at least 60% for every dollar spent by clients all over the world to access the online live shows. It is the highest amount in the industry for any comparable service.

Financial Stability

So how exactly do models on these websites earn a pretty decent amount of income? Simple, models raise money from tips and donations, as well as when fans pay for a private or voyeur show, or whatever their requests are. In-demand and top models could make as much as $50,000 per month or higher. Heidi confidently admits that she is more financially stable than other people who have worked their whole lives, while refusing to reveal her exact income from working as a cam girl.

For her, she is living a pretty much comfortable life wherein she is able to afford maintaining the lifestyle she is used to. She can afford to go places, and revealed that she was able to purchase her own house while being a self-supporting university student during the day. All thanks to her lucrative job as a camgirl.


According to Heidi, this kind of work allows you to be flexible and therefore you have the freedom to decide on your schedule. A cam model can work as little or as much as she likes. She elaborated that even some models are working for only 40 hours a weeks, they are able to generate a decent amount of money weekly.

Heidi claims that her success as a cam model is based on an average of 100 viewers watching her broadcast at any given time, with over 5,000 visitors per day.

Based on her experience, she encountered many clients who seek for her online service out of loneliness. They usually tune after a long, hard day’s work and coming home without no one to talk to about it. And it cannot be denied that engaging with an actual human being is more fascinating than watching TV for people in that situation.

model mica martinez
Mica Martinez

Breaking Stereotypes

Regardless of the fact that her shows are more than mere X-rated acts, the model claims that there is already a derogatory stereotype associated with online sex work. For her, being a cam girl entails far more creativity than just being nude and doing sexual acts. Since she usually logs on a fixed time of the day, she confesses to seeing the same viewers trying to access her show as if it were their favorite TV program. Some even bothers to change their usernames to match her display name.

For Heidi, other than having a good-paying source of income, she has found her own small community who interacts with her not just for sexual deeds but also spontaneous deep conversations and weird request like challenging her to do a handstand or doing hula hoops.

The Big Difference

Despite of what her job is, Heidi’s family and circle of friends have always shown their support for her and respects her decision to pursue a career in the online sex industry as a cam model. Although she reveals that at first, it came to them as a bit of a shock. Her mother was the first one to show support and interest about her new-found job, but confessed that her father was a bit skeptical at first because of having to get naked in front of the camera, and people all over the world have access to it.

Her friends and family later on came into realization that she is not doing this job because of the money that she can earn, but instead, that she actually loves doing it. That made a big difference and gave them a different perspective.

The Goal

Heidi finally shared that it is also her goal to change the prejudice of people to not just webcam girls, but to all online sex workers in general. That is why she openly shares about her job when somebody asks her what she does for a living.

She also reiterated the fact that she feels more safe doing shows online, far from the risk of having to go outdoors to commute to work, and having the chance to be exposed to diseases, especially now with a pandemic going on.

Heidi continued that she would have no reservations about promoting the career route to others because models have full autonomy of the chat room. They are not entirely expected to be naked, and can block places where they do not wish their cam to be streamed.

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