It’s the start of a new week, the sun is shining and there’s a whole load of glamour and porn on offer this week on Babestation…

There are some of great names scheduled to appear on the show this week guys, including: Lori Buckby, Lolly, Georgie Darby, Savannah, Brookie, Elicia Solis, Louise, Lily Pink and probably a whole lot more…  On Babestation X this weekend it’s looking pretty good so far, although it’s all subject to change this early in the week.  Scheduled so far we have Elicia Solis and Savannah, but it’s unknown at this point whether they’ll be together, or when exactly they’ll be appearing; so keep your eyes on the blog nearer the weekend and we’ll let you know.

Wednesday is another great live hardcore sex show with the inimitable Kane “The Tank” Turner drilling seven bells out of Carla Mai.  This should be an amazing show.  Some of you will have seen Carla Mai on the Unleashed special before and remember how fucking awesome she was; we can hardly forget it!

Carla Mai on Unleashed this Wednesday

Carla Mai on Unleashed this Wednesday

Sunday’s Unleashed show this is schedule to be Zara Daruse getting drilled by someone, although we’re not quite sure who yet…

On the blog we’ll be bringing you more behind the scenes action from the green room at the studio, and we’ll see just how well those girls really do cope in this heat!

Babestation – Trying very hard to keep you up to date!

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