Brookie Little was really on form last night I think you’ll agree guys?

Watching her rock back and forth like she was being fucked from behind, with her knickers at her knees and those massive tits swinging beneath her has to be the highlight of the Babestation X weekend for me, I don’t know about you!  Brookie is a firm favourite on Babestation, and now she’s really beginning to make a name for herself on Babestation X you’ll be sure to see much more of her on their live shows.  We have it on very good authority that she’ll be back again very soon indeed!

Brookie on Babestation X last night
Brookie on Babestation X last night

These screen shots show just how much Brookie was getting into her performance on the show, and we hope that she’ll continue to put on performances like this in the future.  There’s no reason she won’t of course, she tells us herself that she “loves” her job and can’t think of anything else she’d rather be doing than getting paid to get your guys off all night long.  She loves chatting to those among you who have very specific fantasies that involve her, and the more you talk to Brookie on the phone, the more turned on she gets!

Please remember that there’s a shit load of Brookie Little content on the Babestation website at the moment, and we’ll be adding even more soon!

Babestation – Bringing you Brookie Little on Babestation X