Here’s a little game for you.  You’ve seen some of the pictures our very good Mark Cremona took of the girls having a seriously good time with all that WKD!  But can you all guess who this is doing a handstand?

The whole video of this party is on the Babestation member’s site right now and you can go along and sign up for it for only £1.50!  It’s not that much is it?  Then you’ll see even more fun and games.  It doesn’t stop with Mark trying to balance a WKD bottle on a pussy either!  It gets much better, trust me!

Babestation girls party

Mark playing balance the bottle!

For all of you balloon fans out there (and I know there are some of you!) there’s also a great session at the end of this video where the Babestation girls go a little wild and pop all the balloons with their high heels on!  You see, we try and squeeze as many fetishes in as we possibly can!

Leave us your comments in the box and we’ll see just how much you know about your Babestation punani!  Hell, it’s worth the £1.50 membership to go and find out isn’t it?

Babestation – Bringing you the Babes having fun!

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