Hope you enjoyed Lacey Lorenzo last night…

There’s even more to look forward to tonight of course.  Brookie Little is on Babestation X tonight and she’s well pumped and ready for action.  We were speaking with her earlier and she had the following to say:

“I think it’s the hot weather or something.  Some people get really tired and lethargic in this heat, but it gives me a second wind and makes me as horny as hell.  I can’t wait for tonight on extreme!”

Brookie Little big tits
Brookie Little Babestation X Saturday night

Well, it certainly sounds like Brookie is up for it, let’s hope she delivers the goods.  It really doesn’t matter whether she does or not for me personally, I’m just happy to see her on screen with those lovely big hooters out on display.  However, I will tell you that her sweet punani came out on her last show, and fuck me did she look gorgeous bending over in front of the camera.  It’s the way she looks over her shoulder I’m telling you.

Call Brookie tonight on Babestation X.  But you’ll have to wait for me to finish!

Babestation – Brings you Brookie Little!