Liverpool is a city located in the northwest of England. It is situated on the eastern side of the Mersey Estuary and has a population of over 500,000 people. Liverpool is known for its rich cultural history, its vibrant music scene, and its famous football club, Liverpool FC. The city has a diverse range of attractions, from museums and galleries to shopping centers and nightlife hotspots.


Liverpool is a city that loves its sports, its music, and its nightlife. But there’s one thing that has captured the hearts of many in Liverpool, and it’s Babestation. But what makes Liverpool so crazy about this babe channel?

In this blog post, we will explore the connection between Babestation TV and Liverpool. We will also take a look at how two of Liverpool’s most popular football clubs, Liverpool FC and Everton FC, are connected to two of Babestation TV’s top models: Saskia Jade and Alyssa Jay.

What is Babestation TV?

Babestation TV is an adult-oriented television channel and adult cam platform which has immense popularity with its unique style of TV program.  Babestation TV offers live programming with interactive segments where viewers can call in and have adult phone chat with the models. Now it’s in 20th year Babestation has developed into the UK’s biggest adult webcams platform.

Why Liverpool loves Babestation TV?

Babestation TV has been a popular late-night entertainment program in Liverpool for many years. Neil Razor Ruddock who wished them a happy birthday on their 18th year of operation. Though as this occurred during lockdown it was done by zoom check out more on the story here.


“Ex footballer Neil, ‘Razor’ Ruddock wishing Babestation a Happy 18th Birthday. Shame about the lockdown keeping us all in or it would have been a hell of a bash! Still, we appreciate the video message.”

Liverpool FC and Saskia Jade

Saskia Jade is a renowned Babestation TV personality who has gained immense popularity in Liverpool FC’s fanbase. Her news story in the daily star can be read here.


Back in November when Liverpool FC where in talks to be sold Saskia told podcast Redmen TV for Liverpool to become fan-owned rather than go down the billionaire owner route.

She said: “Nobody loves Liverpool more than the fans, and we are also where the club’s money comes from. So surely it makes sense that the fans are the owners of the club? If it works for Barcelona, then it can work for Liverpool FC.”

Saskia went on to say: “Liverpool is similar to Barcelona in many ways, it is one of the biggest clubs in the world, and as a city has a similar streak of independence.”


Liverpool-Mad babestation model Offers fans half price exclusive content after 7-0 win

Liverpool destroyed Manchester United 7-0 – with six of the goals coming in the second half. And Saskia teased her fans with a cheeky snap with the caption: “50% off my webcam chat if LFC win, link in bio.”

Saskia wore her Liverpool shirt with some lingerie as she teased fans with some of her more X-rated content on OnlyFans.


Everton FC and Alyssa Jay

But its not only the red side of Liverpool that has a connection to Babestation. Top Babestation beauty Alyssa Jay told how a Everton footballer texted her

Alyssa Jay told the Daily Star of how she was speaking to the Toffees player via social media when he asked her if she was going to send him revealing pictures. The 27-year-old has worked for Babestation for three years and works on the webcam site.

After being asked to send sexually explicit content to the unnamed Everton footballer, Alyssa refused and she claims things quickly turned sour. The Toffees player asked, “Do you actually not know who I am?”, before turning “very angry and nasty” while continuing to barrage her with messages, she says.

Recalling the ugly episode with the footballer, Alyssa said: “He was like, ‘Are you going to send me photos?’, and I refused. And he was like, ‘Do you actually not know who I am?’, He was very angry and nasty with me.

“He sent abusive messages. He kept saying, ‘I want to see you’, and, ‘Send me some photos now, send me photos now’. And he was pestering me to a point. It was mad. The thing that shocked me was the ‘Do you not know who I am?’ bit. Check out more of Alyssa Jay by subscribing to Alyssa Jay’s Onlyfans.

But Babestation links to Everton go even further back, in 2010 a top England Everton player was in the press for his love of calling up the Babestation tv channel from his hotel room!!

More about Saskia Jade Babestation

Football isn’t Saskia’s only sporting interest shes also interested on boxing having met Dave Tthe White Rhino Allen when he visited london the studio a few years ago. Along with other babes such as Atlanta Moreno , Michelle Moist, Preeti and Priya Young and Zoe Grey shes one of the top live sex cam girls and onlyfans model.

You might want to check Saskia’s Cam profile, where we have a lot of nude British porn videos starring her, if she isn’t streaming on Babestation TV.  Saskia enjoys stripping down, teasing, and touching her body in front of the cameras. She’s an insatiable, lusty lady with a fantastic rack who isn’t afraid to show it off for the guys. She calls herself the blow job queen in her profile also an expert at big dildo play, fetish cams and pussy masturbation.

Find out about Alyssa Jay

Alyssa, who is tatooed, is a cheerful, natural girl who enjoys meeting new people and socializing! I’m a voluptuous brunette with real breasts, body art, and piercings. I love to show glamour content and get lively on live cams and a onlyfans star.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Star, Alyssa Jay, shared her experiences with dating, revealing that her job has had significant consequences on her personal life.


Alyssa also described a episode in which she noticed a guy taking a hidden picture of her butt, and when questioned, he justified his conduct by explaining that as she worked on was an adult chat television channel like babenation she wouldn’t mind!

Alyssa Jay Cams is one of the new generation of UK pervcam models such as Megan Rox Amanda Rendall and Alice Goodwin.

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