Lucie Jones

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Lucie Jones's Profile

Lucie Jones's Profile

This gorgeous blonde stunner is a relatively new addition to the babe channel world and a very welcome one at that. Even though she hasn't been a Babestation babe for long she has certainly been making a big splash in her short time on the show so far, hence why she has scooped the much coveted title of 'Babe of the Month' back in March 2017.

The Bristol born-and-bred babe describes herself as a 'total wild child' and loves to go out drinking and partying with her friends. She recounts one of the times where she had a particularly crazy night and says "I once remember walking home with a traffic cone on my head after a night out and showing everyone my dance moves in the middle of the town I was in! I can be a little crazy".

Lucie is one of those girls that everyone just loves to be around; not only is she fun loving and free spirited but she is a total fox and both girls and guys alike cannot help but be mesmerised by her full pouting lips, big heaving breasts and curvy hips. If you ever get the chance to chat to this ultra hot babe, I strongly recommend you do as her softly spoken voice will have you dripping with excitement!

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