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Ashley Emma is a stunning, busty blonde model who has been featured in men's magazines like Nuts, Zoo, and FHM since she turned 18. When Ashley Emma reached the age of 21, she started appearing on UK babe channels, starting with Studio 66 and then moving on to Babestation, where she quickly became popular. Throughout her career, Ashley Emma has gained expertise in enticing viewers on Pervcam while also appearing nude on TV. As a result, many people now eagerly search for Ashley Emma's adult content. Webcam users eagerly request to see explicit content featuring Ashley Emma, as she enjoys teasing her audience by exposing more of herself. You can watch her engage in a provocative shower show where she gets naked, wet, and wild exclusively for you. To get a taste of what's in store on Ashley Emma's webcam, take a look at one of her XXX videos. If you're ready for the real experience, you can meet her on Ashley Emma Babestation Cams.

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We have a couple of FREE videos featuring Ashley Emma, the first, Babestation Girls Do Ibiza Compilation 2015 showing the highlights of Babestation girls visiting Ibiza for a series of photoshoots, getting naked in the sun and by the pool.

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Lastly you can read more about Ashley Emma over on the blog page, titles include:

Ashley Emma We Love You

Ashley Emma From Elite TV to Babestation

Ashley Emma Camming With The Best

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Ashley Emma Onlyfans and Ashley Emma Pervcam

Ashley offers live adult phone chat and JOI phonesex on the Babeshows platform. Additionally, she provides nude cam or topless strip shows through her Pervcam hidden camera. Ashley takes pleasure in engaging with callers and discussing explicit porn fantasies and X-rated content, including topics like spanking, domination, feet worship, humiliation, BJ, preferred sexual positions, BDSM, bondage, and roleplay.

To watch hot sexy action, be sure to explore Ashley's captivating videos on BSX or join her in her exclusive cam room on BS Cams. In these settings, you will find her engaging in intimate solo performances as well as engaging in naked fun alongside her hot friend Lori Buckby.   

One such example of an Ashley Emma/Lori Buckby show was promoted like this:

For the entire month of March, we are calling Babestation Cams as 'March Madness' due to the numerous amazing shows that will be available on the website. Tonight, there will be a thrilling girl-girl show starring Lori Buckby and Ashley Emma! Tune in to the Babestation Cams website starting from 10pm to watch this exciting performance.

Additionally, she enthusiastically embraces the idea of indulging in arousing naked shower sessions and incorporating vibrating toys into themed nightly cam shows. Stay informed about her schedule and appearances by referring to the Babestation schedule for regular updates.

Ashley Emma nude takes pleasure in creating explicit content for her personal social media channels, such as her Ashley Emma Onlyfans and the Babestation VIP galleries. These platforms allow her fans to witness Ashley Emma porn, engaging in various sexually suggestive positions. She derives enjoyment from showcasing her nudity and incorporating toys into her private shows or custom content.

Ashley Emma Babestation Superstar

Ashley Emma is widely recognized as a superstar in the world of Babestation. Her babeshow videos have become available on popular tube sites such as Spankbang and Pornhub. Considering her long-standing association with Babestation and the development of her unique style, it is hard to imagine Ashley Emma working anywhere else. During her time at S66Cams, Ashley had a captivating "beach babe" image. However, as a hot MILF, she has transformed into a stunning and polished starlet with voluptuous curves that can rival those of Kim Kardashian. With a strong emphasis on showcasing her curvaceous figure and ample derriere, Ashley enjoys modeling various lingerie and nude sets that highlight her hourglass shape and impressive booty.

According to blogger @BabeTV, Ashley Emma's recruitment by Babestation was highly intriguing for various reasons. Back in 2012, the notion of Ashley appearing on Babestation seemed nearly inconceivable. It was once thought to be extremely unlikely that Ashley would ever depart from Studio 66 (and previously Elite TV), where she had garnered a devoted following and was a fan favorite. However, starting in 2014, there were noticeable declines in standards at S66. When Ashley Emma made the transition from Elite TV to Babestation, @BabeTV felt it would be strange to see her anywhere other than Elite TV. Nevertheless, Ashley's debut on BS turned out to be a remarkably successful move.

Ashley Emma From Studio 66 to Babestation – What the Fans Thought

 Ashley made her Babestation debut on June 6th, 2014, by hosting BS Xtra on Freeview, which became one of the most popular weekend shows in a long time. An interesting aspect of Ashley's transition from Studio 66 was how Babestation recognized another channel's ability to create a well-known figure in the Babeshow industry. While it is not rare for Babestation to sign models who have achieved success elsewhere, historically, Babestation has been responsible for building the models' reputations. However, in this particular case, the trend is clearly shifting in the opposite direction. Regarding Ashley's move, @BabeTV commented:

“Babestation’s use of the text intro “THIS IS THEEE ASHLEY EMMA!” acknowledged the status of Ashley herself, but it also implied a fair bit of kudos to S66/Elite. There are other reasons why Ashley’s public profile has soared, but her work on Elite and S66Chat has remained the predominant element to date. There’s more than ever a sense today that Babestation have their fishing rod dangling hopefully over the premium Sky channels, rather than the other way round. It’s hard to predict how things will pan out in the long term, because Babestation is very different from Studio 66, and Ashley was one of the most archetypal S66/Elite girls you could find.”

Gunnar: “So far the move seems to have done Ashley good because she’s putting in a decent performance so far, with plenty of movement of that cracking arse of hers. Ashley has still got her incredible bouncing booty and her breasts, although they are implants, are of a high standard and look awesome. Since she moved to Babestation Ashley has put in better performances than I have seen her do in a long time. It is too early to tell yet, but BS may be the best thing that has happened to her.”

Rexmaster: “Wow. Ms Ashley Emma Bent Over Bouncin that Big Juicey Sexy Ass…. Slow Down Ms Emma Slow Down…. Fuck it…. Bounce it Bounce it…. Faster Faster Faster….Good Girl Ms Ashley Emma Good Girl….”

Feetlover1: “Something about BS just makes the babes look hornier and more into it. Ashley last night looked like she really wanted to be there.”

For the past eight years, Ashley Emma has considered Babestation her "home," despite attempts by other Babeshows like Xpanded and Redlight Central to sign her. Since entering the live babe shows industry 18 years ago, Ashley has remained dedicated to her craft. Whether she is performing a seductive striptease, a shower show, engaging in college girl role play phone sex, or participating in an Ashley Emma naked buzz show, Ashley consistently attracts new callers while also keeping her loyal fans of UK babe channels happy and thrilled.

Ashley, despite having limited free time due to our demands, dedicates a significant portion of it to intense physical training, which she humorously refers to as "building my ass". When she is not exercising on Babestation or at the gym, she can often be found relaxing in bed. Ashley embraces a lifestyle centered around comfort and has a deep love for indulging in food and receiving pampering. Additionally, true to her preference for comfort, her ultimate life goal is to reside on a beach and spend her days in a bikini.

Ashley Emma Cam Goddess

Don’t believe us about how great Ashley Emma is when she brings the hardcore phone sex?  Why not look at this fan’s account of their experience with Ashley Emma on cam:

I am a huge admirer of women with large breasts and a curvaceous derriere. I have also become quite skilled at discreetly observing attractive women who pass by me, using only my peripheral vision, without my girlfriend noticing. I believe that as long as I am not engaging in infidelity, it is permissible to appreciate the physical attributes of an attractive woman or watch Ashley Emma videos on platforms such as Pornhub. Personally, I particularly enjoy watching content from Brazzers, Fake Taxi, and anything featuring explicit acts such as messy oral sex or anal intercourse. Although my girlfriend has always made it clear that she expects me to refrain from direct interaction with other women, there was one occasion where I couldn't resist temptation. Ashley Emma was showcasing her enticing twerking skills on Pervcam during the babeshows, and I couldn't help but take a quick glance. While I have always enjoyed watching babe channels, they never quite satisfied my desire for more explicit content. That's why when the uk phonesex models began offering services like Pervcam and private webcam shows, I felt incredibly fortunate.

Ashley Emma is a woman who embodies everything I find attractive - fair-haired, voluptuous, with a prominent derriere and ample bosom. She is the epitome of perfection. After exploring her Pervcam, I realized that I desired to see more of her. Although I knew my girlfriend would be upset if she found out about my interaction with an attractive blonde on camera, my longing for Ashley Emma was overpowering, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to engage in explicit adult content with her. Consequently, I logged into Babestation Cams and was immediately aroused upon seeing Ashley lying on the bed in enticing lingerie. Just the sight of her caused a significant increase in my sexual arousal. In order to keep our encounter discreet due to my girlfriend's absence at the supermarket, Ashley Emma quickly took action by acquiring a bottle of oil from her dresser. She removed her top, revealing her well-endowed breasts, which she proceeded to cover in oil. The thought of experiencing a tit wank with oil was incredibly enticing. Ashley then discarded her underwear and continued pouring oil over her nude body, allowing it to trickle down between her legs and over her neatly groomed Ashley Emma pussy.

Ashley Emma joi engages in explicit sexual conversation with me while I pleasure myself, suggesting the idea of joining her in the shower. Excitedly, she grabs her laptop and leads me to a luxurious bathroom containing a spacious walk-in shower. Stepping under the warm water, she allows it to flow over her unclothed form, which greatly arouses me. In my imagination, I envision Ashley performing oral sex on me and receiving a facial ejaculation, intensifying my excitement to the point where I ejaculate onto my bed. Fortunately, I finish just in time as I hear my girlfriend arriving home. It was a close call! I enjoy the thrill of engaging in risky sexual behavior.

Ashley takes great pride in her career, leveraging her assets to create a successful and enjoyable source of income. She embraces the opportunity to dress up and can often be found in alluring lingerie during photoshoots, as well as capturing tantalizing images for her fans. Ashley has a deep affection for the beach and basking in the sun, and despite looking stunning in various swimwear, she actually prefers going without any bottoms. Recognized as one of our most sought-after webcam performers, Ashley Emma frequently offers private cam shows on Babestation Cams. Don't miss out on the chance to book a session with this stunning beauty!

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