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The sexy Caty Cole has been a regular glamour model on Babestation, and has worked for other babeshows, including Studio 66! She is truly a force to be reckoned with. Standing at 5ft tall, she's one of the most petite models on the Babestation roster, but don't let her small frame fool you, she's a girl that commands respect! Caty Cole Naked is a sight several Babestation Fans have seen often, but can never get enough of when they join her nude live sex cam show. Her coy, lady-like demeanour might say one thing, but her oozing sex appeal and willingness to flash the flesh says something entirely different about Caty Cole, and with those curves, who could blame her for wanting to get naked for her loyal Babestation Fans?!? 

Caty Cole Babestation loves nothing more than slipping on a black lacy bra, stockings, and matching panties, and speaking to her callers while shaking her hot ass, sometimes even covering herself in oil in her special live sex cam shows. Her smooth skin and big tits are legendary in this adult industry, and have amassed her many loyal fans over the years not just from her time on Babestation or Studio 66, but also through her social media following on Twitter and Caty Cole OnlyFans.

Did you know Babestation’s Caty Cole and Amanda Rendall are sisters? Their personalities might be very different, but when it comes to porn style sex chat Amanda Rendall and Caty Cole are very similar. Have you ever been fucked over the phone? Wanting hot phone sex? Well, look no further than Caty Cole Phone Sex as she gets nude and edges you with a hot JOI or teases you with her size 3 feet. Check out some of her XXX Caty Cole Porn content, including her legendary Girl-Girl Lesbian Style Scenes with Mica Martinez, or watch her Caty Cole Solo Pussy Play videos on Caty Cole OnlyFans.

In an Caty Cole's exclusive interview with Babestation, the equally stunning sister of Pornstar Amanda Rendall, Caty Cole takes a break from her hot naked pussy play shows and nude babestation night time shows to chat about her history in the sex industry, her Babestation Porn content, and lifts the lid on her interests and turn-ons away from the dildo, cream, and spread legged Pervcam shows from which she made her name.

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There aren't too many things you can say about Caty Cole in the babeshows industry that hasn't been said before. Whether it's Babestation TV, Sexstation, Studio 66 or others, Caty Cole has been involved and sending punters crazy since the early days! Caty Cole can be found on our live sex cams where she performs live from the Babestation Studio, or you may be able to grab her for the usual Cheap Phone Sex or hardcore Pervcam shows. If Caty Cole Live Sex Cam Shows are something you want even when she’s offline, you can watch exclusive Babestation Naked Porn Videos of Caty Cole in our VIP Members Area, including some amazing hot girl-girl lesbian videos starring Caty Cole and Mica Martinez!

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If you've spent any time at all watching the babeshows over the last decade or so, there's a high chance you've come across the petite Scottish brunette that is the incredible Caty Cole. Caty has featured on the UK Babe Channels since 2009, having worked on early Babestation shows, including SexStation, GlamourStars, and Blue Kiss, as well as being a Studio66 Babe.

Over the years there have been countless models and live sex cam performers coming through the doors at Babestation HQ and plenty of them are hiding big tits under their t-shirts. Caty Cole is just one of those big titty models we’ve got on the Babestation roster and we thought we would celebrate those t-shirts coming off with some classic babeshows girls and British porn stars. You can see the full photo sets, as well as the naked videos to go with them over on our Babestation VIP Members Area! If the photo sets don’t satisfy you, or you want more big tits on your screen, come and have a look at our live sex cams where we have hundreds of Big Tits Cam Girls!

This Scottish siren, Caty Cole, is very active on her OnlyFans page, as well as her Twitter account. But, there’s one place, and one place only, where you can find Caty Cole Naked all day, every day and that is on the babeshows. Caty Cole loves to show off her nude curves in behind the scenes pictures and videos.

Since her move from Studio 66 to Babestation, in summer 2014, Caty Cole has been one of the babe channels’ top attractions. One factor which has had a bearing on Caty’s babeshow career has been the presence of her younger sister Amanda Rendall who was a big name on Rampant TV and in the British Porn Star world. Caty has always been popular on Babestation's Phone Sex service due to her excellent temperament, her customer focus, and, of course, the obvious market for a pretty Scottish babe with a figure and charm factor to die for. Since her 2014 return to Babestation, Caty Cole has been a particularly familiar face on BS Xtra, and her long bouts of screen time at peak periods have suggested that she’s been very effective at keeping the boys coming back to the yard for her milkshake. Not that that would be any surprise. Through her career, Caty has been no stranger to the number one spot in popularity polls, and her whole approach to the business makes her very easy to like.

When Caty Cole first landed on Babestation back in 2009, she was a shy girl-next-door type who was eager to learn and full of enthusiasm. It was clear from the get-go that we had just discovered a rare gem in the stunning Caty Cole. As the sister of Amanda Rendall, one would be forgiven for thinking that Caty Cole would bare the same sexual energy and filth factor as her equally famous glamour model sibling. However, Caty Cole exudes a much more subtle kind of sex appeal – a kind that intoxicates and enchants the viewers, who clearly can’t get enough of her perfect tits, peachy ass, and big green eyes. Nowadays, she’s a feisty minx and has no problem whipping naughty callers and subs into shape. She may be softly spoken and cute but she can be an intimidating mistress when the mood takes her and no one can rock a pair of fishnet stockings and PVC boots like Caty Cole.

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During Caty Cole’s Raunchy Shows on Babestation TV, Pervcam and Cam, you’ll more often than not see her totally naked as she loves nothing more than being nude. However, she won’t just strip off and be done with it, she likes to put on a real show and perform a slow and sensual burlesque-style strip tease before diving into the dirty stuff which will no doubt leave you feeling like you’re on cloud nine. Whether Caty Cole is talking to her callers about hardcore sex or pairing up with her bestie Mica Martinez for a girl-girl lesbian show, she does it with finesse and if you’re looking for excitement and arousal – Caty Cole ticks all the boxes!

Mica and Caty Cole quickly became known as the smoking hot duo that no one could resist! The chemistry on screen between the girls was undeniable and it felt like you were witnessing something electrifying and extremely intimate whenever the girls appeared on S66 Cams, webcam or BSX together. Pure XXX and erotic, Mica and Caty would have hot lesbian phonesex with their callers before getting down to oily and sweaty naked touching and kissing before progressing to pussy play and fingering.

Caty Cole has always been extremely comfortable appearing topless and nude in front of the camera and it’s clear she absolutely loves what she does. A versatile performer, Caty can be your sweet and innocent girl next door to a slutty dominatrix, well versed in the art of bondage, JOI, dildo throat fuck, and foot worship. She enjoys interacting with fans on Twitter and Instagram, and you’ll often find her shooting custom XXX sextape videos on OnlyFans. Be sure to check out her nude and topless pics and vids on the Babestation VIP Members Area.

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