Well folks, 2017 and upon us and the future is looking bright. There is something very cleansing about the start of a new year. There are just endless possibilities and you get to wash away all the negative shit of yesteryear and start afresh. It’s a pretty invigorating feeling. This year is shaping up pretty well for me so far (touch wood) and I intend to carry that on throughout the year.

With regards to new years resolutions I didn’t really bother this year as who the heck sticks to them anyway?! The only thing I decided to do was to make a conscious effort to be less of a stress head in 2017.

Right, enough about me! Let’s talk about the new slamming hot babe who will soon be making her debut appearance on Babestation Cams! Her name is Tiffany Tate Taylor and you may remember her from ‘the good old days’ of Babecast.

We were like two peas in a pod back then and I actually remember Tiffany and I going for the interview at
Babestation together and being offered the job. We had to sneak around as we were working for Bang Babes at the time but we weren’t happy there. The boss at Bang was a bit of a pleb and Babestation was the pinnacle of all babe channels. It still is!

I caught up with Tiffany to ask her a few questions. Here’s what she had to say…

When did you first appear on Babestation? I first started on Babecast back in 2009

What made you break into the glamour industry? I started lap-dancing when I was 20 years old at strip clubs all over London. I worked at Spearmint Rhino, Venus and Secrets and went on to shoot for publications such as Zoo and Nuts. I also worked on a few of the other night shows including Sex Station and Blue Kiss so I’m certainly no stranger to the glamour industry.

What is your favourite type of lingerie? I love my nylon stockings with black lace trim. I always feel so sexy wearing them.

What’s you favourite position? Definitely on top! I like being in control.

What has been your most memorable moments whilst performing? I’ve loved getting to know so many sweet guys over the years and making some really lovely friends.

Do you like to roleplay? I love playing the role of domme. I just love being in charge!

Do you have any fetishes? I love to dress up in nylons and latex. They feel amazing against my skin.

What do you look for in a man? Nice eyes, good abs and nice hands.

What are your three best features? My boobs, ass and legs

I can vouch for that! Tiffany has always had a phenomenal body! No girl could fill out a dress like Tiffany. Her waist to hip ratio was just insane! If you’d like to reminisce with Tiff or just have one hell of a filthy time then check out her cam page and book a show.She knows exactly what to do to get you off! https://babestationcams.com/performers/page/1/TiffanyTateTaylor


Reede xxxxx


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