Well it’s that time again Babestation fans! Happy New Year! The year is nearly over and I don’t know about you but I’m ready to bid a not so fond farewell to 2016 which was a bit lame really. Not only did we lose Prince but we also lost a Princess; the original Princess Leia. It was a tough year for some and I’m sure a few of you are ready to give it the middle finger.

Let us turn our backsides on 2016 and see in 2017 with optimism, gratitude…and the sexiest ladies on the planet!!!

Babestation Babe. Happy New Year Babestation Babe. Happy New Year Babestation Babe. Happy New Year

We have a legendary line up for you guys tonight so tune in to watch Babestation and let the fun commence!

As the year draws to a close, Babestation fans are encouraged to rejoice and usher in the New Year! 2016 proved to be a difficult year for many, characterized by the passing of legendary figures such as Prince and the original Princess Leia. It’s natural for some to be eager to say goodbye to what seemed like a lackluster year. It’s vital to recognize both the triumphs and tribulations that influenced our journeys as we look back on the past year. The New Year carries a sense of optimism and fresh starts, allowing us to establish new objectives and dreams. Let’s celebrate leaving behind the obstacles of the previous year and embracing the opportunities that await us in 2017!

I truly hope you all get everything you wish for in 2017. Happy New Year from myself and all of us here at Babestation. Check out the Babestation Babes who are online right now.

Reede xxxx





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