It was a sad day for Babestation a few days ago because another legend hung up her thong and waved goodbye to TV. OK, maybe legend is too strong a word but this babe was definitely a popular attraction during her many years on Babestation Daytime. Her natural beauty, athletic physique and peachy bum gave her instant sex appeal but it was her aloof and slightly unapproachable demeanour that really had fans talking. Her sometimes cold approach to callers made her appealing to subservient viewers and this savvy businesswoman found that playing this role set her apart from the other girls on the show. Cali’s sexy yet disinterested glance over her shoulder while she was bent over on screen was both captivating and enticing – viewers couldn’t get enough of her no-nonsense personality!

Whether you’re a fan of Cali or not, no one can deny that this babe is a smart, well-spoken and educated young woman who created an incredibly complex and memorable on-screen persona. Her extensive modelling career began when she was just 18 and she was chosen to model swimwear for a clothing catalogue. Her slim and petite figure, coupled with her perky 34C boobs made her a popular choice for a variety of publications, including lads mags, newspapers and fitness magazines. After appearing in over 40 publications, Cali decided it was time for a new challenge, which brought her to the steps of Babestation TV.

Rubbing shoulders with celebs – Lilly Roma & Lord Edward Davenport

From 2012, Cali made her mark on the babe shows and it’s with great sadness that we now must wave goodbye as she retires from Babestation and onto pastures new. All in all, this stunner has been an unforgettable addition to the Babestation family and she’ll always have a special place in our hearts…and wank banks!

Good luck Cali, it’s been a pleasure. We’ll miss you!!!

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