Welcome to the Babestation TV: April 2014 Flashback! In this blog, we’ll take you on a trip down memory lane to revisit the key highlights and unforgettable moments from April 2014. Babestation TV is the UK’s number one babe channel and provider of live sex cams. It is a hub for british porn star, live cam girls, and nude models. April 2014 was a month filled with excitement and new babes. Let’s jump in our babeshow Time Machine and go back to a simpler time.

A glimpse back in time 

April 2014 was an exciting time for Babestation TV, the leading phone sex television channel in the UK. With its unique style of TV programming, Babestation offered viewers a flirty or dirty chat with naughty nude cams models along with free cams feeds that streamed from the central London studios 24/7. Let’s dive deeper into the essence of babestation daytime and the naughty night shows in April 2014.

The Essence of Babestation Daytime and Night Shows

Babestatio rochelle hardy hand print flour tits

Babestation Daytime and Night Shows in April 2014 provided viewers with the ultimate interactive experience. Whether you tuned in during the early hours or stayed up late, Babestation had something for everyone. The daytime shows featured a variety of gorgeous babes who graced the screen with their beauty and charm. The night shows brought out the wild side, with cheap phone sex and raunchy porn games. Babestation truly set the standard for adult chat television in the UK.

Daytime Delights: The Faces of Early Hours

During the early hours of April 2014, Babestation TV had a lineup of babes that brought excitement to viewers. The daytime babes were a bit more tame than the nighttime models. However, they were always up for a bit of steamy sexting. Let’s take a closer look at two of the standout babes from the early hours of Babestation in April 2014: Rochelle Hardy and Daisy Dash.

Rochelle Hardy: Daytime’s Dazzling Darling

Rochelle Hardy was a shining star on Babestation TV daytime shows in April 2014. Her beauty, big tits and engaging personality made her a favourite among viewers. Rochelle’s presence on Babestation elevated the daytime shows to new heights, making her the darling of the early hours.

Daisy Dash and Ayesha: The Dynamic Duo

Babestation Daisy Dash nude
Daisy Dash

Another dynamic duo that stole the show during the early hours of April 2014 was Daisy Dash and Ayesha. These two babes brought a sense of fun to the daytime show, entertaining viewers with their chemistry and playful banter. Daisy and Ayesha knew how to keep viewers engaged throughout their shows on Babestation TV. Their energy and enthusiasm were contagious, making them a fan favourite. Together, they created a memorable experience for viewers and left a lasting impression during the early hours of Babestation. Daisy later on went to feature on studio66 for several months before returning to Babestation.

When the Night Falls

As the night fell in April 2014, Babestation TV brought out the queens of late hours. These babes knew how to heat up the screen and provide an unforgettable experience for viewers. From live sex chat to C2C sessions, the night shows on Babestation pushed boundaries and left viewers craving more. Let’s explore two of the standout queens from the late hours of Babestation in April 2014: Lori Buckby and Ella Jolie.

Lori and Ella: Leading the Night Shift

babestation tv Lori buckby topless

Lori and Ella were the leading ladies of the night shift on Babestation in April 2014. These babes brought a level of sensuality and excitement to the screen that was unmatched. Their performances during the late hours left viewers yearning for more. Lori and Ella both had similar qualities – petite figures, small tits and a girl next door persona. Their chemistry was undeniable, making them a spectacular duo to watch. They showcased their talents and provided an unforgettable experience for viewers, solidifying their place as the queens of the night shift on Babestation. Lori appeared on cam platforms adultwork and chaturbate for a while but now she can be found stripping naked on Babestation Cams.

Cali Garcia, Dani and Savannah: The Trio That Stole Hearts

Babestation TV Cali Garcia topless
Cali Garcia

April 2014 was a month filled with unforgettable moments on Babestation TV, and one of the highlights was the trio of Dani, Cali, and Savannah. These three babes stole hearts with their charm, beauty and curvy figures. Their performances during the night shows always left viewers wanting more. Dani, Cali, and Savannah’s chemistry and camaraderie were evident on screen, creating a dynamic and entertaining experience. They brought a sense of excitement and passion to the late-night hours, making them immensely popular.


The Babestation TV Rewind: April 2014 Flashback takes us on a nostalgic journey through the key highlights of daytime and nighttime shows. From Rochelle Hardy’s presence to the dynamic duo of Daisy Dash and Ayesha, each babe left a lasting impression. Lori, Ella, Dani, Cali, and Savannah stole hearts with their topless stripteases during the night shift. Since April 2014, Babestation has continued to evolve and innovate. The introduction of new features and a new generation of hot babes has kept Babestation at the forefront of the adult chat television industry in the UK.

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