Once voted the the worlds top body by Zoo magazine Alice Goodwin regularly featured on Page 3 and on the covers and inside lads mags such as Nuts, Zoo and Front.

Alice was born on December 13, 1985, in Staffordshire she attended the ‘Newcastle-under-Lyme School’. Alice went on to study English language and education at ‘Keele University she wanted to become a primary school teacher.

A talent agent from the Daily Star spotted Alice while she was sunbathing on Bournemouth beach when she was just 18 years old. This was just the start and she was picked by the still strong lads mage and tabloid newspapers. ‘Zoo Weekly’ also named her the ‘World’s Sexiest Teacher’ and ‘England’s Fittest Fan.’

Alice Goodwin

Alice also earned the top spot on the journal’s annual ‘Hot 100 List.’ She has also modeled for ‘Nuts’ and ‘Maxim UK.’ According to sources, Alice’s name is searched on ‘Google’ approximately 15 thousand times every month.

In 2010 was a time of change in Babe Channel industry previous market leader Bang Babes was in trouble after the infamous lollypop gate scandal with the A Bomb Amanda Rendell. Bang Babes would eventually be heavily fined by Ofcom and go out of business, Out of the Bang Babes demise would rise the Bristol based channels and studio Red Light central.

Alice Goodwin

But in the spring of 2010 it was talk of the new Bluebird Tv channels that was setting the industry a fire. Bluebird were known for their big budget adult video productions.  Backed by serious money Bluebird had already disrupted the UK adult video production industry by upping the rates paid to the models and rumours of enormous signing on fees.

Now they had announced plans to enter and dominate the UK babe channel industry and where already poaching the top talent from all the babe shows with a plan to launch in the summer of 2010 from their studios in Woking.

Elite TV signing a big glamour name such as Alice Goodwin was a strong signal that Elite wasn’t going any where but would be staying around to fight its corner in the UK Babe channels.

Alice made her babeshows debut on the Elite TV day show on the 19th of April 2010

This is a massive surprise and absolutely fantastic news!!! 

Alice Goodwin is an awesomely beautiful, sexy lady. Her body is so curvaceous and well-proportioned it’s insane!! 

“I really hope Alice has a great day and comes back for loads more Shows. “

“Elite, you have surpassed yourselves this time – thank you thank you thank you!!!!”

“On the 18th of May 2010 the Elite TV (Studio 66 TV) spokesman announced on the babeshow forum that there would be a special show on the 28th of May at midnight.”

Its time to give you what you have been waiting for…………..


Friday 28th May 2010……..

The Good Girl Goes Bad!

Need I say more?…………………………………………………..​….

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DONT MISS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For 10 days babe show forum peeps speculated as to what this could be, ranking up a massive 10 pages of posts then at midnight it happened. Then was revealed at midnight Alice the glamour queen joining the phone sex channels.

Alice Goodwin

 Alice looking hot as hell in her police woman outfit , good to see Danica left the truncheon 

WOW!!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous and what an outfit.  Love it! 

What a body!!!!!!!! 

I know she’s gonna be famous for her boobs but my god has she got a fantastic arse and legs…Incredible!

The way that skirt/belt/whatever rides up when she bent over was pretty entertaining

14 minutes into her first nightshow and she’s giving herself a boobf**k with a long black truncheon 

Alice Goodwin

It was a great debut for Alice and she would go on to become a main stay of the Studio 66 line up for many years alternating between day shows and night shows depending upon her personal circumstances.

July 4th 2014 Alice made her debut on Babestation TV quite a coup for the channel and a blow to Studio 66 TV.

Keep an eye on the schedule and find out hen you can join Alice’s next pervcam show but first, register on babecall app to access her show on your phone!