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Back in the early days of the porn industry,  a lot of requirements were needed before one could shine as an adult entertainer or even just upload an adult film online. Producers, videographers, editors and directors were vital in the production of an adult film back then. Well, they are still important in the industry nowadays but not as much as during their golden years. The culprit? The advent of technology!

With the convenience and ease brought by technology, everyone can now easily film and upload their own sex videos on the web. This type of pornography is coined as ‘amateur porn”. Amateur since the videos are usually made and typically feature non-professional adult entertainers who only do things for fun. This type of porn has gained its popularity due to the fact that it is authentic and real.

amateur cams
Mia Middleton

Brief History of Amateur Porn

As mentioned earlier, amateur porn was born from the development of technology. As the filming and editing gadgets are made affordable and accessible to the public, people have started making their own home-made sex videos.

This trend in the porn industry started out with just pornographic pictures of amateurs. The availability of Polaroid cameras opened the opportunity for people to easily capture nude photos of themselves which could then be uploaded to the internet. As technology paved the way for easy access to almost everything, the demand for such an adult form of entertainment also kept growing gradually, like a tidal wave that just got stronger and wetter.

In recent years, we have seen how vast the library for amateur porn has grown over time. This is mainly because of the convenience brought by commercializing internet connection and the innovation of smartphones which let people capture videos through it. This type of adult entertainment genre is also famously termed as homemade porn. This is due to the fact that the usual settings where this kind of videos are filmed are located inside the individuals’ homes. The trend only got bigger when people got incredibly interested in filming their own sex life and became more and more willing to share it on the web for free.

However, this has also triggered the alarm for the unwanted victims of what they call revenge porn. There are people who do amateur sex but the films are for their eyes only. The problem explodes when one of the individuals present at the time of making said video decides to upload their sex video on the internet without the consent of the other individual.

amateur cams
April Jones

What’s With Amateur Porn and Why Do People Like It?

In this genre of adult entertainment, having low-resolution film is not a big deal. In fact, most of the amateur sex tapes you can access on the internet have low resolution and sometimes, the audio can be quite inaudible too. So what is the key magnet of Amateur sex? Simple. It is because amateur sex offers a window to the real thing.   (Get high quality pics and videos by joining Babestation’s VIP members area.)

The people who consume amateur sex videos are most likely already fed up with the overly staged adult entertainment films. They want something new. They want something that is not scripted and cringey and that they could actually relate to as well. Something that is closest to reality and, amateur sex videos just brings that fantasy and desire right to their own front door.

Since amateur sex features ordinary people recording their sex activities, it is far more realistic than the adult films with cringe-worthy lines and scenes. People’s fantasies are transpired into something that is realistic: something which they could possibly experience.

What is an Amateur Cam?

Unlike amateur porn, amateur cams is an adult entertainment live streaming service. This genre of cam girl features fine young ladies that are ready to satisfy your most inner sexual desires. When it comes to this form of entertainment, you can’t expect a homemade sex video but, instead, a homemade live entertainment from the model of your choice

Amateur cams will let you watch your favourite model; be teased by your dream girl; or let you command the girl to perform the kinkiest fetish you have. What is more is that you can even conversate with them through a live chat. Talking through the phone is even possible with just a few tokens.

If amateur porn is closest to the real thing, the amateur cam live shows are the real thing. The glam models on the amateur cam are ready to get the best bang out of your penny 24/7. These girls are ready to show off their stuff for your entertainment any time you want! You can access their performances through public rooms or exclusively own their time via private rooms.

If you access an amateur cam in a public room, you will be able to watch the live performance together with other people since it is broadcasted publicly. The form of reward for entertainers here is through tips so make sure to tip the performer that made you happy. However, if you are into exclusivity, private rooms are also available and can be accessed with the right tag price. The form of currency in cam girl sites is electronic tokens. These tokens can be used to tip an entertainer or access private rooms. You can purchase these electronic tokens on the cam girl site itself.

amateur cams
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Where Can I Watch Amateur Cams?

Amateur cams can be easily found on the internet as amateur porn. However, the finest models and hottest amateur entertainers are nestled in
If you are on the site, just click the Amateur Cams on the upper dashboard and the profile of the performers will appear. All of the entertainer’s profiles are verified to ensure quality. These beautiful ladies are ready to make your fantasies happen 24/7 on the clock. What’s best is that it also features the live chat option and digital interaction through phone calls. These are the keys in transpiring your sensual fantasies into reality.

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