On tonight’s Babestation Apprentice we have Paris Pricey, the gorgeous Delia and the 1st appearance from the beautiful Danni Levey!

That’s a hell of a line up yes?

You probably already know all about Paris Pricey, but if you don’t here goes.  She likes dressing up, in particular role-play.  She’s also bi-sexual and she has a lot of hot stories to share with you on the phone.  Pricey is becoming a very popular part of the apprentice team.

What can we say about the delectable Delia?  She is as tasty as her namesake’s recipes and dirtier than a street whore on speed!  I kid you not.  When you talk to Dirty Delia you won’t be able to stand up for the rest of the evening.  Talk about being absolutely spent!

Now for the main event!  The 1st timer Danni Levey is most at home dancing on her very own private pole.  She’s got the moves you need to help you out of your trousers tonight boys so give her a call.  I expect that she’ll be wearing heels and stockings tonight, considering that they’re her favourites.

Babestation Apprentice

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