It’s Unleashed time again on Babestation…

It doesn’t matter if it’s produced by Sexstation guys, you can watch it here and on Babestation X; just depends on where you’re a member really.  And if you’re not a member you can watch it for £1.50 anyway; it’s not like it’s going to break the bank really is it?


Ava Dalush on Unleashed later
Ava Dalush getting fucked tonight


Tonight we have Dean Van Damme fucking the lovely Ava Dalush (not Jessica Lloyd as you may have read elsewhere).  The two of them are kicking off the action at 10pm tonight and they intend to be hard at it for at least an hour!  I don’t fucking know how they do it, so don’t ask me.  If I had a girl like Ava Dalush in front of me with her kit off I’d probably bolt in around 3 seconds; and even if I gave myself time to recover she’d have the same affect on me again…

Anyway, get your kicks from Unleashed tonight at 10pm

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