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Babestation – Having first aired on 4th December 2002, Babestation was the first interactive babeshows of its kind. In the beginning Babestation displayed a grainy live feed that showed three models sitting side-by-side on a couch with a text box on screen. The models didn’t appear topless in the early days. Taylor McKenzie was the first model to ever go topless by flashing her boobs one night, which introduced a totally new concept. Babestation became a global brand from around 2005 and has since been discussed in mainstream media by radio DJ’s, TV panelist’s and well-known actors. Babestation’s icons have included Tixie, Tiffany Chambers, Dani O’Neal, Gemma Cherry, Camilla, Cara, Yvette, Tara Lee, Geri, Caty Cole, Amanda Rendall and Delta White. Ever evolving, Babestation still has it’s top talent, which is currently include Ashley Emma, Alice Goodwin, Beth Bennet and Sophie Hart.  If you want to get involved in Babestation TODAY, simply register on babecall and get interactive from your mobile!

Kandi Kay

Babecast – Babecast was launched shortly after Babestation and featured a variety of sets including office, hospital and the standardised bed set. Girls would invite viewers to call and text the babeshow whilst roleplaying in their designated sets in the appropriate outfit. Babecast icons included Dionne Mendez, Jane Whitehouse, Vicky Valentine, Donna Duke, Caty Cole, Fernanda Ferrari, Jemma Jey, Megan Moore, Jennifer Keelings, Morgan and Reede Fox.  Many of the early babecast babes would later be found on Studio 66.

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Caty Cole

Live XXX – This Sky channel was free to air for an hour in the evening which involved an interactive section with the girls where you could phone up and get filthy, before switching  to pay-per-view where the real action happened – hardcore girl girl sex! During the end of the ‘free to air’ hour, Live XXX would entice viewers to head to pay-per-view by giving them a glimpse of pussy by performing a snippet section of ‘flash the gash.’

Lads Lounge – This early morning daytime chat show featured hot babes taking calls from viewers as well and sending in text messages which would give the models a topic of discussion to chat about live on air. Lads Lounge also featured current mainstream TV star Katie Piper.

Party Girls – Situated in the same studio as daytime show, The Chat, Party Girls was a nighttime show and featured many of Babestation’s biggest icons including Yvette, seen below in a hardcore domination section. Party girls was set against a white backdrop, which bore a striking contrast against Yvette’s leather outfit. Party Girls would also encourage viewers to text the babeshow, where the models would then read out those messages live on air. Back in January 2009, Yvette and the legendary Dani O’Neal broke the Party Girls record for text requests sent to the show by viewers.

BS Xtra – This show was centred heavily around viewers texting in and interacting with the model on the mic as she discussed the viewers’ pics and texts. Later on in the evening girls would encourage viewers to call in. BS Xtra was also used as a platform to advertise Babestation and Partyland’s upcoming sections. Here is Alex Adams & Dionne Mendez talking on the mic in the early days of on BS Xtra, along with another pic of Yvette is taking calls and Cleo reading texts. This taking-calls-and-presenting-on-the-same-couch situation was a common occurrence.


The Chat – The Chat was a daytime premium-rate chat show featuring two models sat at a desk in a daytime chat format, much like Loose Women. Viewers were encouraged to text in to discuss topics of the day or call the girls to either discuss the topic of choice or just have a natter about their daily lives. Viewers could also leave voicemails to be played out live on air. These voicemails would be screened by the producer who was also occasionally part of the show, lending his voice to chat to the girls, introduce topics and move the show along. This was the first time a producer interacted with the models as a standard format of the babeshows.


Sexstation – Web-based show Sexstation was the place to go for more hardcore action including solo masturbation, toys and girl girl live sex babeshows. Sexstation was once home to the UK’s top porn talent including Angel Long, Poppy Morgan and Babestation x model Alicia Rhodes.  More top talent in the world of British porn could also be found taking phone sex calls on one of Sexstation and Babestation’s close rivals in the babe channel world, Red Light Central.

Blue kiss – For the uninitiated who wanted to dip their toe in the water of adult phone-in channels, Blue Kiss was the perfect choice. At just 75p per minute, Blue Kiss was the cheapest out of the premium quality babe channels and viewers could speak to models including Chelsea French, porn star Gem Stone and Jada. Big-named girls from Babecast would also migrate to Blue Kiss for weekend specials, including Daryl Morgan, Alex Adams and Reede Fox, which gave the channel a more exclusive and upmarket feel.

Partyland – Being the first ever babechannel to grace Freeview, Partyland had a slick, tamer feel that featured Babestation’s biggest and hottest talents. The show was mainly set against a pink fabric backdrop with a girl on a bed taking calls. However, sometimes Partyland would take a more gothic approach and film a section in the iconic elevator from the Sexstation studio. Here is Reede Fox getting up close and party for an especially hardcore Partyland section.

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