Babe of the week is the one and only Cody Cox

I had the pleasure of bumping into Cody at the studio the other day, just as she was going for a break, and I had the most interesting chat with her.  It turns out that there is a lot more to the young Cody Cox than first meets the eye, and if you can get past her perfect little ass and fine looking boobs you’ll be able to read this…

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Cody Cox is Babestation’s Babes of the Week

Why is she the babe of the week?

Well, I have to say that the criteria for choosing a Babe of the Week is a little hazy at the moment!  However, this week it’s being awarded to Cody for being one of the friendliest and “together” babes I’ve met.  When I say together I mean that she really does seem to have a plan; even though at first she didn’t appear to.  And for a 19 year old, just being able to turn up to the studio on time has to warrant some kind of award right?

When I chatted with her and asked her about her future aspirations etc, she initially said that she wanted to do a course in “something” but didn’t really know what.  Well I’m sure we’ve all heard that vague attempt at a career choice before haven’t we?  However, after a little further probing (and not the sort I really wanted to do!) it turns out that Cody actually has aspirations of becoming a pilot!  Talk about aiming high for goodness sake!

Actually she seems to be really switched on and driven to succeed.  This is not in the stereotyped 19 year old sense that some of you might be thinking, Cody Cox is making plans and having fun whilst she does it; and I for one think she’ll get what she wants.  She’s already decided that with the money she earns from Babestation and Sexstation, she’s going to get onto the property ladder and perhaps do a little buying and selling in order to finance her career later on in life.  She says that if she doesn’t become a pilot she’s thinking about perhaps pursuing law!  Sheez!  These girls…

Cody Cox
From Babestation Apprentice to full time Babestation and Sexstation girl!

Nothing to worry about yet though fellas, she’s only 19 and she’s having way too much fun on the show to get serious about anything at the moment!

So how does a girl of 19 get to be a Babestation girl?  And how then does she end up on Sexstation (Babestation’s naughty little sister)?  You can find out more if you look for Hot UK Babes magazine.  Cody Cox is going to be featured in their “New Faces” feature in October; and I have a feeling it’s going to be pretty hardcore.

Over to you

I’d like to know who you’d like to see as Babe of the Week and perhaps if I get enough nominations for a particular girl I could consider doing a little feature with them.  Leave me a comment and I’ll see what I can do.


  1. i would like to nominate jade Samantha not only was she so stunning on tuesday night on babestation apprentice in all 3 of her costumes mostly the red body stocking she is such a friendly person and deserves her own show

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