This week its the sensational Camilla Jayne, one of Babestation’s most popular and longest serving babes.

We love Camilla for so many reasons it becomes hard (no pun intended) to choose any one in particular.  However, I’m a man of my word and I said that Babe of the Week would be awarded on merit; so here goes.

Babestation's Camilla Jayne

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Babe of the Week is being awarded to Camilla Jayne for her commitment to her body, and fitness in general.  It might sound a little odd, but if you could see just how dedicated this babe is to her regime you’d realise.

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Free Babestation Camilla pics

I’ve had the pleasure of being present at one of her workouts, and this is an experience in itself.  One minute you’ve got a raging hard on as you watch her bend over to pick up some weights or something, and the next minute you’re shitting yourself because she’s kicking the crap out of a punch bag!  In between all this she’s chowing down on some health food stuff that pumps her up; this is absolute dedication to her career, make no mistake.

And when you see her move, actually in person, you can see that her body is among the most toned you’re every likely to see.  The muscles on her back, when she turns around and does a bit of flexing, are enough to make you ashamed of yourself and put down your can of Stella.  She has her muscle tone just right, to the desired level of eroticism and not to the point of turn off like a female power lifter.  We say, be careful their Camilla, we love you just the way you are; don’t frighten us and do too much!

Free Camilla pics

Babestation pics

Her fitness revolves around something she calls MMA.  For those who don’t know what I’m talking about its Mixed Martial Arts, and it is what it says it is.  She’s gotten herself so good at this that she’s even going to compete!  We sincerely hope it’s not contact, because we’d hate to see her all bruised and battered.So here she is guys, the baby oil Babestation girl who changes her hair more frequently than you change your underpants!  Here’s to you Camilla Jayne.  May you continue to give us a reason to bang one out for many years to come!

Follow Camilla Jayne on Twitter guys and you’ll get to see much more of her!

Over to you guys

So I hope there are some Camilla Mega Fans out there that’ll appreciate this post.  If so, leave me a comment and we’ll have a natter about her.  If there’s something else you’d like to see, or someone else you’d like to nominate I’ll consider it.  Leave me a message here.

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