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The legendary Jada Cameo has been in the glamour industry for over 13 years and no one knows this game better than she does. Having first appeared topless in the top UK lads mags before landing a regular spot on TVX, then on Jada Cameo Rampant TV appearances followed by appearances on almost all the babe channels including Studio 66, Xpanded, Sexstation among others.

Jada Cameo joi career has gone from strength to strength, including mainstream tv appearances and radio podcasts. Jada is a lady of many talents and runs several successful businesses including her own X-Rated website where you can see Jada Cameo porn star level performances, similar to that which you can find in the VIP members area as shot for her Jada Cameo BSX shows You can also find Jada Cameo pussy content on her Jada Cameo Onlyfans,

When Jada Cameo Babestation isn't speaking utter filth on screen, she likes to unwind by attending kickboxing classes, where she has worked her way up to able bent status. She is also an incredible artist, having recently had her paintings accepted to be displayed at a top London Gallery. Get to know more of Jada Cameo nude and naughty by calling her on the babeshows for some hardcore phone sex.

Jada Cameo naked and horny's biggest turn on: "My biggest turn on is a man who knows what he wants in the bedroom! There's nothing sexier! I also love hearing your stories of exactly what you would like to do to me. But don't worry if you're not much of a talker - I'll happily take the lead and make all of your filthiest fantasies come true. 

Jada Cosplay

Have a quick scroll down her Jada Cameo Instagram account and you’ll see how much Jada loves to dress up in different themed outfit, portraying a naughty, adult version of various pop-culture characters.  The most popular of which, has to be her Chun Li, who Jada portrayed on Halloween cosplay night several years ago and has re-visited several times since.

Jada Blogs

Get to know Jada better by finding some of the blogs we have posted in the blog page in the first blog, Jada Dirty On Babestation we delve into the history of Jada from her beginnings on the babe channels to her getting started on Babestation and throughout her Babestation career.

Nowadays, it is widely recognized by live babeshow enthusiasts that Jada is a prominent figure in Babestation. However, it is interesting to note that Jada's introduction to the Freeview babeshows was actually quite modest and unexpected, as it came about due to a viewer's request. In the midst of the thriving Partyland show in 2009, Jada was working as a web girl for Sexstation. As part of the promotion for the 3G cam service, Partyland would feature a sanitized feed of a web girl in a small on-screen video box. This feed was never displayed in full screen and was merely tucked away in the bottom corner of the frame, making it unlikely to catch the attention of texters and elicit comments.

...Until Jada made her appearance as the 3G girl, viewers were captivated. They sent texts to the show, inquiring about her identity and requesting that she be featured on Partyland without delay. Despite her being relatively unknown to the main audience and appearing in a small promo stream, her remarkable presence caught the attention of viewers and stirred them to take action. I have never witnessed such a phenomenon before.

During that period, Jada was also featured in a mainstream advertisement on Freeview. The ad was aimed at a demographic similar to the audience of babeshow cheap sex lines and was shown late at night during programming geared towards young men. The intention behind this was evident: viewers expressed their desire to see Jada on a premium babe channel, and their wish was soon to be fulfilled.

Starting from 12th August 2009, Jada made an appearance on Partyland, which was broadcasted from the Sexstation studios. She appeared alongside Daryl Morgan and Sammie Dee. However, by mid-August '09, Partyland started being staffed by both Sexstation's TV girls and guest Babestation girls. Therefore, it was unclear who scheduled Jada's first appearance on Partyland. What is clear, however, is that Babestation became very interested in Jada once Sexstation became fully absorbed into BS. From September 2009 onwards, she regularly appeared on all their major TV babeshows.

On the 12th of August 2009, Jada made her debut on Partyland, which also marked her first appearance on a Freeview night show. During this broadcast, she shared the screen with Daryl Morgan in a split-screen arrangement. Approximately one month later, on the 10th of September 2009, Jada appeared alongside Alex Adams on Freeview channel 50. However, during the intervening month, Partyland relocated from the Sexstation studios to 'Babestation Towers'. This transition is evident in the onscreen graphics design, which now closely resembles the typical style of BS during that period.

In recent times, Jada has become a regular performer on S66Cams after spending several years on Studio 66 TV before they disappeared from the babe channels EPG. Prior to joining BS, Jada was the main representative of the 2009 Sexstation web girls, who were at the forefront of BS. Among that group of web girls, only Michelle Moist came close to matching Jada's success. The most recent recorded instance of Michelle Moist on the Babestation channels was on September 28th, 2011 - by this time, she was mostly doing encrypted shows like BSX and not appearing on Freeview TV. However, between September 2009 and spring 2011, Michelle was a well-known face on Babestation and had followed a similar path to Jada in terms of rising from the obscurity of the Sexstation cheap phone sex 3G stream to frequent appearances on Freeview.

To suggest that Jada's exceptional looks and fitness did not play a significant role in her long-lasting success would be naive. However, Jada's talents extend far beyond her beauty, impressive flexibility, and ass-kicking attitude. Starting from the night of Friday 1st June 2012, Jada took on the role of a dedicated sales presenter and voice over girl on Babestation, primarily working weekends which were previously reserved for Geri. Jada's laid-back but still unique and captivating style seamlessly fit in with the team, and she quickly developed strong connections with the credit card phone sex operators. She often shared amusing behind-the-scenes pictures on Twitter, providing a glimpse into the fun atmosphere at Babestation during her time on the mic.

After the elimination of the separate role of mic duty, Jada resumed her position as a regular performer on Babestation. Moreover, due to her continued proficiency in more explicit and secure content, she has been able to add excitement to Babestation X when needed, in addition to providing some of the most alluring photos and videos for distribution.

Donna Duke, with her mixed race background, can be considered the first prominent exotic night show star of the Freeview era. However, many fans were unaware of her Asian heritage and only perceived her as fully British. On the other hand, Jada's Asian roots were more apparent to most viewers. When she joined the Freeview night shows shortly after Donna's departure, at a time when there were no other exotic stars, she must have been a valuable addition for Babestation as they expanded their presence on terrestrial TV. From the summer of 2009 onwards, Jada likely played a significant role in driving and intensifying the demand for Asian-looking and exotic girls on Freeview night shows.

However, she has never relied solely on that to gain recognition. Jada made a name for herself on Babestation and has consistently stayed at the forefront of the industry due to her unwavering dedication, impressive adaptability, professional approach, distinctive personal style, quick thinking abilities, and undeniable attractiveness.

Mistress Jada

In the babe channels and sex industry, there is a specific group of clients who have a preference for dominant women. These male submissives hold the belief that women are the superior gender and derive pleasure from serving them. For these individuals, a strong and controlling woman can be sexually appealing. One such woman is Jada who loves nothing more than to don her dom outfit and take on the role of Mistress Jada. The high heel wearing, whip cracking, PVC, bondage gear clad dominatrix who will treat all her slaves and submissives like the worthless retches they know they are. And they love her for it.

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 Jada Speaks

In the blog, Jada 1st Ever Interview you’ll get treated to more back story on Jada and especially what she used to do before she started in the babeshows industry and what she thinks about how it affects her real life. Click the link above for the full blog post but here’s a brief extract from it:

Jada made her debut in the live babeshows industry 15 years ago. She initially got involved with babe channels after appearing in a TV commercial for a dating text service. The director recognized Jada's striking appearance, natural breasts, and quiet confidence, which led to the suggestion that she would excel in the industry. Jada started working on Sexstation and LIVE XXX, marking the beginning of her journey to glamour fame. In a previously recorded interview with Jada from Sexstation, which is currently available on babestationtube, filmed over a decade ago, the renowned glamour model discloses that she has modeled for various magazines and websites catering to different genres such as fetish, art nude, topless, and lingerie.

 When asked if being in the industry has affected her private life, Jada responds:

“It does affect my private life yeah. If I’m out in a bar someone might should “hey, you’re Jada, I’ve seen your tits”

The interview continues with Jada answering the question: what did you do before you were in the industry?

“I was a dancer, but not a stripper. I did street dance and I was the girl on the podium at drum and bass raves”

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Jada Cameo is considered an all-time classic Babestation TV girl by those who have been watching or involved with the live babeshows for a long time. Even though this writer has been at Babestation for over 15 years, Jada was here before that! She made her first appearance on Babestation around 07/08 and went on to become one of the most well-known faces across all UK babe channels for about 10 years. Jada became an expert at satisfying the customers on adult phone chat, not only on Babestation but also on other channels like Studio 66 and Sin TV. With such a long history here, we have an abundance of Jada Babestation nude videos in our possession, dating back to 2009, which can be found in the exclusive Babestation VIP Members Area!

For a free sample of the naughty pics to wet your appetite and get you in the mood for the more hardcore content we have of Jada, check out these pics from the Jada Image Gallery featuring Jada as a sexy secretary, thigh high boots pics, smoking pics, naughty nurse cosplay, and of course, lingerie.

Jada Blogs

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Jada 1st Ever Interview

Jada Babeshow Legend

The History Of The Legendary Jada Cameo

Jada Gallery

Jada Image Gallery

Jada Babestation sits dressed as sexy secretary on a desk on the phone
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Jada Babestation brunette sits topless with her legs spread in lingerie
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Jada Babestation dress in BDSM bonadge outfit with thigh high boots on a bed
Jada Babestation sits topless in a chair with pen in mouth wearing lingerie