@babe_tv guides us through some vintageBabestation live babeshow best moments.  We may not have some of the pics available anymore but the way he describes them, you’ll almost feel like you were there at the time.

Given that the Babe TV blog is Freeview-focused and doesn’t feature any explicit content, anyone who’s visited this post thinking “Bests” basically means quadruple-X affronts to the very fabric of Ofcom, is going to be disappointed. The feature recalls moments which will, I’m sure, remain great memories to the archetypal babeshow fan, who loves glamour and likes to look back at some of the visions and personalities that pushed the genre to new heights. This is only Part 1, so of course it’s not exhaustive. There’s plenty more where this came from. But if you’ve been a fan of the Freeview babeshows since the early days, brace yourself for the first instalment of golden recollections…



She’s heading the post not just because of her own uniqueness, but because of the uniqueness of the role she played on the babeshows. Geri defined the dedicated presenter’s role when it began in 2009, and she was using the role’s key sales components, customer awareness, engaging randomness and universal vision (i.e. the promotion of Babestation as opposed to just Geri) in her mic pitches long before that.

In a world where almost everyone is remembered because of their body and their sex chat, Geri broke away from the stereotype and took the babe channels as close to conventional TV entertainment as they’re ever likely to get. Babestation still have some really entertaining, skilled, fast-thinking and professional presenters (Paige TurnahJadaLori and Emma Butt for example), but put the two keywords “Babestation” and “Presenter” to any long time babe channel fan, and the image conjured is almost inevitably going to be that of Geri.


Anna Lovato

One babe who spent far too short a time on the Freeview babe channels (from the viewer’s angle, at least) was Anna Lovato. Very bright, exceptionally good-looking, and ideal for the softer, broader and more tease-orientated territory on the borderline of daytime and night, Anna was a fantastic addition to Party People’s 3am show when she first appeared on 14th February 2009, alongside Dionne Mendez. Anna did also make fleeting, one-off entrances into the world of Party Girls and Babestation 1 on the Freeview channels, but Party People was her real terrestrial TV home, and the show’s high quality transmission with good camera work ensured phenomenal visual impact when she was on screen.


This 2008 striptease sequence is one of many treasures from the dawn of full strength babe channel night shows on Freeview – most of which came courtesy of the Channel 46 series Party Girls. Charlie C’s Option 1 login is still on screen from the previous section, but this is of course Donna Duke, and the culmination of an SMS-driven theme in which viewers could text the word “BEAR” to the show, to request a striptease from both of the main presenters. The reason it was spelled ‘bear’ and not ‘bare’ was that the Party Girls cuddly bear toy was used to keep the striptease TV compatible. I seem to remember that The Bear – like other Party Girls toys and mascots – was sent in by a viewer.

This wasn’t the first naked strip by Donna on Party Girls. Three nights earlier Amanda Rendall stripped her naked in a similar text-driven task. Both sequences were very cautious by today’s standards, but dynamite at the time given what was generally considered acceptable on Freeview, and the fact that it was Donna – a huge Babestation name, from whom fully naked TV appearances were exceptionally rare.


These pics come from the period of one month in summer 2009 during which Partyland was still in its independent location but was being ‘invaded’ by Babestation girls. It’s therefore still the ‘old/original’ Partyland as opposed to the subsequent Babestation version, but unusual in that the featured girl is Babestation headliner Camilla Jayne. In this very short transition period both Camilla and Tiffany Chambers became Partyland regulars. Whilst quite a few other BS girls also appeared fleetingly on the original babeshow, only Camilla and Tiffany, as far as I’m aware, moved off the main studio set and out into the weirder, wilder environs around the building. Partyland had often needed to keep itself in forward motion with wacky games and themes. But that was never necessary with Camilla. Give her a phone, point a camera at her, job done.


Full of ideas, well produced, cool, fun, engaging, sexy, relaxed, visually impactive, feelgood-factored, viewer-friendly… No other babe channels on the Freeview platform have connected with the viewer in quite the same way as the old Babestation show.



What a fantastic image Lori Buckby had in this spring 2009 Babestation 1 pic, captured shortly after she moved from the daytime-compatible Party People shows to Babestation nights. Lori has, in the past, alternated between blonde and brunette looks, but this is very much in keeping with her Party People guise. The onscreen intro reads…

“She’s not normally on at this time, but tonight she has broke free for something a little more wild. Lori is one cheeky babe!”

Even the old euphemistic word ‘cheeky’ (used before Freeview babe channels felt able to use ‘naughty’ or ‘filthy’) brings back great memories. The simplicity of the old main Babestation set really made the girls stand out, and what an exciting journey Babestation fans had ahead of them, experiencing Lori’s transition from modest daytime babeshow babe to stark naked jaw-dropper. I wonder how many people watching this envisaged Lori becoming the performer she is today?