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Friday 15th October 2021

Morning all. What a great night: for me anyway! My favourite babeshow was 673 as I will explain!
Alice and Valentina were the main girls and BOTH went fully naked! So much for the “new” rules !? Alice was on 673 for 2 hours 38 minutes and just 49 minutes on 674 and fully naked both times! Valentina was only on 674 for 2 hours 35 minutes and went fully naked: unusual AND wasn’t on 673 at all!!
We also saw Layla Rose on 673 for 42 minutes Poppy May on 673 for 57 minutes AND New webgirl Alex Le Tissier also on 673 for 1 hour!!! Topless and braless really playing with her lovely big tits!!!! Lovely girl spoilt slightly by a few VERY top half shots!
674 also had Amber Paige for the first 33 minutes and Sarah Louise for 1 hour 25 minutes!!
So I’m keeping 673 for excellent longish footage of Alex!!! And the lack of Valentina!!!! SORRY!………All the girls were good and went topless and/or braless as usual.
I also watched a bit of the webshow until I fell asleep! I was hoping to see Bella Mendez go naked (who was an extra girl) but gave up waiting! But I did see Duchess Filth who again was excellent showing off everything including her lovely BIG tits and nice pussy a lot!! So a VERY good night for me!!!!!
Tonight: Bella, Valentina plus? until 6.00am Yasmin Nicole, Scarlett Harper and Preeti Young. And a few of my favourites are on the webshow: Alex Le Tissier!,Amber Paige, Mia Middleton, Layla Rose and Mia Yasmin.


Reasonable Friday nights viewing for me
Reasonable cameos from poppy Sarah Louise and layla who just wanted to give us close up views of her bare tits

Lovely cali garcia may have left but loving caty cole v2 Beth Jess and Atlanta

Saturday 16th October 2021

TRAINS55 Wrote:

So another good night on FV: and on a Saturday!
Bella Mendez and Valentina were the main girls who were on both babe channels Bella on 673 for a total of 51 minutes and 1 hour 49 minutes on 674: she went fully naked on both channels but with fuller shots laying on her side and back on 674! Very good.
Valentina was on 673 for a total of 1 hour 51 minutes on 673 and 1 hour 6 minutes on 674: she went braless BUT no further and was quite repetitive!
We also saw Mia Middleton (on both babeshows) in black PVC for about 26 minutes in each section: topless and quite a nice surprise!
Alex Le Tissier was on on 673 again! for 59 minutes going topless and braless really playing with her lovely big tits BUT like last night the camera was too high so that we didn’t often see all of them! Lovely girl though and she seemed quite:at home on TV!
Zeena Valvona was also on 673 for 27 minutes in black. She eventually took her bra off but then put her black see-through top back on but was still topless.
Poppy was also a surprise on 674 for 57 minutes and was topless on and off and took her skirt off and moved her tiny black pants down very briefly.
So as I said two fairly good shows. All the girls gave us good shows BUT Bella was the only girl who went fully naked! Mainly longish sections on both channels but 674 still finished at 4.42! with 17 minutes of adverts and the Smile TV 3 logo!
And 674 also only had MK girls!
So all in all a reasonable Saturday night!!………..I also watched a bit of the webshow until I fell asleep! I saw Duchess Filth again! but she finished at about 11.00 as she didn’t get many calls! And Mia Yasmin doing a naked oil show BUT static and just like her current normal TV shows!…………….
Tonight: Beth and Bella! plus Sophie Hart is available from 10.00 till 4.00 plus Sabrina Jade and Kimmy Lopez are in until 6.00am….
And a few of my favourites are on the webshow: Luna Lamora, Buffy Le Brat, April Mae and Lucia Maria! …..


Back from my hols and was surprised to find Saturday night’s babeshows pretty good,
Poppy was very good as always she looked very sexy in her school uniform on TV lots of playing with her lovely boobs, on the web was very naughty as always legs wide open playing with her lovely pussy lots in many different positions, very good stuff,
Mia Middleton very enjoyable did something different with a latex outfit on TV I thought she looked sexy and showed off her sexy curves very well, on the web she was naughty and naked showing off and playing with her lovely pussy lots ,
Newbie Larna London did a good web show she’s got lovely small boobs , some lovely peachy bum action, not afraid to pull her panties to the side and show off her juicy pussy one to watch ,
Happy I got lucky with a good Saturday night my first night back


Good to have you back winsaw true was a pretty reasonable Saturday night Bella’s stint at the start of the night was probably her best of the evening whilst valentina was back to her usual self
Poppy cameo was alright as the usual whilst heard she was as the normal unleashed on the web likewise Mia as much as I enjoyed her in her pvc stuff didn’t do a lot which was frustrating
I do agree with you trains about this Alex I’m intrigued to see what her body is like maybe next time we will see some more

TRAINS55 Wrote:

Welcome back winsaw! It certainly was a good Saturday for a change! I agree that Larna London is a very nice girl: I’ve seen her on the web a few times. And another new girl Alex Le Tissier has been on the TV live babeshows the last two evenings for about an hour!! VERY nice girl with lovely BIG tits! I’ve seen her on the web but unfortunately on TV the camera is set too high so that we don’t see all of her tits for very long! But still a good show for a Saturday!!


Bella was her usual A+ standard for me last night. Makes the best of the set.  When it comes to Bella and her incredible body shape – i have no complaints, and am glad that we still get to celebrate such a stunner in full – so to speak.

Sunday 17th October 2021


Not bothered who wasn’t there; April, Jamie and Bella M all were and lovely Tongue

TRAINS55 Wrote:

So another good night on a Sunday!
The main girls were Beth and Bella (for the second night running! ) Both were very good: Beth was on 673 for 1 her minutes and 43 minutes on 674 and went naked as usual. Bella was on 673 for 56 minutes but 1 hour 59 minutes on 674 and was fully naked most of the time with mainly full shots while stood up (rear view) and laid on her side and back: very nice!
Also on:
673 Amber Paige for 57 minutes braless from the start, Rosey Love for 31 minutes who went topless briefly near the end and Sapphire for (I think?) only her second stint on the TV babeshows. Very nice slim girl who went braless showing off her amazing long legs and equally nice smallish tits! She was only on for 29 minutes: not as long as her previous TV stint.
674 April Mae was on for 42 minutes: longer than usual she went braless straight away and then topless. Various positions showing off her lovely big tits and arse with full shots!
Jamie Knight was on for 57 minutes braless from the start showing off her amazing big tits. She laid on her front a lot and crouched on the floor!
So a very good night on both FV babeshow channels! 674 was my favourite because of Bella being naked nearly all of her sections!
Tonight: Beth and Mia Middleton with Ruby Leigh and Priya Young available until 4.00 and Goddess M and Rosey Love on until 6.00am.


I enjoyed sunday night, it kept up the good run BS has had on a Sunday for the last few months,
Beth was very good as a main girl, she did an excellent naked section lots of movement and different sexy positions, Jamie had a couple of good tv stints i liked the outfit had very sexy small pants on that only just covered her on tv lots of boob play, Amber Paige enjoyed herself smiling lots enjoying being on tv lots of boob play, Melia was on tv babeshows for the first time in ages showed of her lovely big boobs very well, Amber Jasmin was naughty on the web playing with some toys , her big nipples where so hard, a good end to the weekend’s babeshows.

TRAINS55 Wrote:

So didn’t you see Sapphire Rose on briefly: she’s a lovely girl! And Bella had a great night:fully naked on her 674 sections virtually all of the time with MAINLY full shots! Much better than usual.

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