@babe_tv takes us on a journey through vintage Babestation babe channels highlights, describing moments that, even if the pictures are unavailable, make you feel like you were part of the experience. This Freeview-focused Babe TV blog revisits memories cherished by the classic babeshows fan, which he documented on his Tumblr. Part 1 promises a nostalgic trip for fans who appreciate the babes who made the babeshows so spectacular. Explore more vintage babeshow content on the Babestation gallery where you can enjoy Tiffany Chambers topless pics and Dani O’Neal porn video content. 


babeshows icon geri red knickers

Petite, strawberry blonde, girl next door model Geri leads the discussion not just because of her individuality but due to the unique role she pioneered on babeshows. Geri established the dedicated presenter’s role in 2009, incorporating essential sales elements into her mic pitches long before others followed suit. In an industry where nude models are often remembered solely for their appearance and explicit phone sex, Geri defied the norm, bringing the babeshows closer to conventional TV entertainment. While Babestation boasts other entertaining and skilled presenters like Paige Turnah, Jada, Lori, and Megan, the mention of “Babestation” and “Presenter” to a seasoned fan likely conjures Geri’s image.

Anna Lovato – Party People

A babe whose time on the Freeview channels felt disappointingly brief from the viewer’s perspective was Anna Lovato. With her exceptional beauty, perky small tits and suitability for the softer, more teasing territory between daytime and night, Anna became a fantastic addition to Party People’s 3am show from her debut on February 14th 2009, alongside Dionne Mendez. While she also made rare one-off appearances on Party Girls and Babestation 1 on Freeview, Party People was her terrestrial TV home. The show’s high-quality transmission and exceptional camera work ensured a spectacular visual impact whenever she graced the screen. Anna Lovato later went on to star british porn scenes for Bluebird. She shot hardcore boy-girl content and lesbian girl on girl action scenes.

Donna Duke – Party Girls

Donna Duke big tits out

A memorable vintage babeshows segment from 2008 stands out among the treasures, mostly from the Party Girls series on Channel 46. Still featuring Charlie C’s Option 1 login from the previous section, one noteworthy segment spotlights Donna Duke. It’s the climax of an SMS-driven theme where viewers could text “BEAR” to request a striptease from both main presenters. The intentional spelling of ‘bear’ instead of ‘bare’ aimed to keep the striptease TV-friendly, incorporating the Party Girls cuddly bear toy, possibly sent in by a viewer. This wasn’t Donna’s first nude strip on Party Girls. Three nights earlier, Amanda Rendall orchestrated a similar text-driven task resulting in Donna stripping naked, flaunting her peachy ass and natural big tits. While these shows may seem tame by today’s standards, they were groundbreaking given Freeview norms at the time, particularly involving Donna, a prominent Babestation figure known for exceptionally rare fully naked TV appearances.

Camilla on Partyland

babeshows model camilla jayne nude wearing heels

A bunch of images found deep in the babeshows archives capture a unique month in the summer of 2009. Partyland was still at its original location and experienced a brief period of having Babestation girls join in, creating a transition from the ‘old/original’ Partyland to the subsequent Babestation version. The girl in the unearthed photos showed the fabulous Camilla Jayne, a headliner from Babestation. During this short transition, both Camilla and Tiffany Chambers became regulars on Partyland. Unlike other BS girls who briefly appeared on the original babeshow, only Camilla and Tiffany explored the unconventional areas around the building instead of staying on the main studio set. While Partyland typically relied on wacky games and themes, Camilla stood out by simply offering cheap phone sex and being topless in front of the camera.

Lori Buckby finally gets her tits out on Babestation nights

babeshows model lori buckby topless in white shirt

In the spring of 2009, Lori Buckby, transitioned from Party People and babestation daytime to Babestation nights, where she made her topless debut. Lori, known for alternating between blonde and brunette looks, maintained her Party People style during this time. The onscreen introduction at the time read:

“She’s not normally on at this time, but tonight she has broken free for something a little more wild. Lori is one cheeky babe!” 

The use of the term ‘cheeky’ recalls fond memories from the era when Freeview babeshows opted for more subtle language. The simplicity of the old main Babestation set made the girls stand out, and viewers embarked on an exciting journey witnessing Lori’s transformation from a modest daytime babeshow babe to a stunningly naked jaw-dropper and member of the babeshow hall of fame. We wonder how many people watching this foresaw Lori becoming the performer she is today? Join Lori Buckby’s nude cams and witness Lori’s XXX nude strip show. 

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