Back in 2009, Babestation launched the Babestation app, revolutionising the way people could access live cam shows, featuring british porn stars and live babeshow cams models, right from their iPhones. With its unique Pervcam feature, users could enjoy secret camera angles of the babes and have a real-time interactive experience like never before. The app became the go-to destination for fans of nude cams, offering a whole new world of interactivity. Although the app was short-lived, it left a lasting impression on babeshow fans, pushing boundaries and challenging app store policies. We managed to find an old review of the app on YouTube.

babestation app 2009 review

Babestation App

The launch of Babestation’s iPhone App in 2009 marked a significant milestone in the brand’s history, introducing a whole new world of interactivity to its loyal fanbase. This app review delves into the features and controversies surrounding Babestation’s entry into the world of mobile phone apps.

The Launch 

The app brought Babestation’s unique style of TV programming directly to users’ fingertips, offering a whole new world of interactivity. By entering the Apple Store, Babestation opened up access to its exclusive XXX content, featuring live sex cams sessions with top UK babe channel babes and British porn stars. The arrival of the app signified a milestone in the evolution of adult entertainment on mobile devices.

Babestation tv app

A Brief History of Babestation TV Before the App Era

Babestation first debuted in 2002, emerging as the UK’s groundbreaking adult chat television channel, offering live babeshows and cheap phone sex. With a reputation for glamour content and showcasing the best of UK nude models, Babestation quickly became known for its exclusive live cam features and sexy TV programs. Pioneering a whole new world of interactive phone sex and sexting, Babestation laid the foundation for the ultimate experience in the UK television industry through their Sky and Freeview shows.

The Surprising Entry into the Apple Store

babestation app 2009 review

Babestation made a surprising entry into the Apple Store in 2009 with its controversial and unique style of adult content. Despite facing challenges with App Store policies, the app was able to get approval where it provided users with unlimited interactive encounters and porn games with the hottest babes. Babestation’s unexpected debut on the Apple platform marked a shift towards a more digitally accessible live babeshow experience.

Exclusive Content Available Through the App

iphone babeshow app

Unlocking the Babestation TV 2009 app revealed a treasure trove of exclusive pictures and video content. This app truly brought the best selection of British porn stars and glamour babes right to your fingertips. girls on there were the creme de la creme of adult entertainment. Users could access content of babes such as Amanda Rendall, Tiffany Chambers, Dani Oneal, Lori Buckby, Donna Duke, Jemma Jey and Rachel Cole. The pictures were non-nude, but great value at 59p. Those pictures normally cost £3 each! 

Controversy and Policies 

The Babestation app faced challenges due to controversies over its raunchy content and clashes with app store policies. The risqué nature of the app’s content led to its short-lived existence, despite offering a unique experience to users. The app was in conflict with the platform’s regulations, making it difficult for the app to maintain a presence in the app marketplace. Despite efforts to comply with the guidelines, the app faced continual scrutiny and pushback from the app store’s regulations.


Overall, navigating the strict guidelines of app stores proved difficult, which eventually led to the app’s closure.