We’re very proud to announce that the lovely Shanti from Masti Chat is going to take place in her very first Bollywood production…

Shanti has long aspired to be a Bollywood star, and finally her dream has come true.  We’re not sure what the movie is about of course, but it’s called: Chalo Doctor Doctor Khelein.  Make of that what you will folks, we just know that this former Masti/Babestation princess is sure to be a roaring success; how couldn’t she be looking like this?

Shanti from Masti Chat
Babestation babe – Shanti

We’re hoping that Shanti will keep her clothes on for her Bollywood picture, otherwise she’s just likely to show up all the other stars on screen!  She is due to zoom off to Mumbai in a few months to begin shooting.  Those guys over there aren’t going to know what the hell hit them.  We know Shanti very well indeed (as we’re sure a few of you do too) and we’re certain that this 21 year old party girl is going to be a hit!

If you’d like to keep track of how it’s going for Shanti and her Bollywood debut, you might want to follow her on Twitter to get the gossip.  Again we say well done to Shanti and wish he all the best!

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