What a great way to start the month!  Alyssa Devine getting fucked senseless by Dean Van Damme…

That Damme porn stud is at it again this week on Sexstation Unleashed – live UK porn.  This week he’s fucking Alyssa.  I think he got the job for this week simply because he really went to town on ruining Jaiden West last week.  Did you see that show?  Fucking hell it was the epitome of “hardcore”.  Dean Van Damme is an animal at the best of times and it’s guys like this that make us all look really rather pathetic.  I say we boycott the Babestation studios until they let us in to watch the show on Wednesday, so that we can see for ourselves how it’s really done…

UK porn

Alyssa Devine getting fucked

Well, that’s not going to happen is it?  Well, it might for me…  The best you can hope for of course is to go over to Sexstation Unleashed now and book your show ticket.  It’ll cost you a fiver, and for you money you not only get hardcore boy-girl UK porn, you also get five days access to the Sexstation member’s area.  Here you’ll more than likely find the previous live shows, along with a whole shit load of UK porn that you never knew existed!

Babestation and Sexstation – partners in grime for as long as we can remember!

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