I’m not really one for celebrity gossip, especially if it involves Towie but this news was too juicy not to share with you all. It would appear that we have a little love triangle in our midst involving our very own Babestation Cams girl, Jacqui Ryland.

Glamour model Jaqui has been in the tabloids of late for texting Towie cast member, Pete Wicks behind his girlfriend, Megan McKenna’s back. Scandalous!

To be fair, it was Pete who started it as he began sending Jacqui naughty texts while he was going through a bit of a rough patch with Megan. Ah, it’s always the way; a dude thinks it’s cool to sext another girl just because he’s had a spat with the Mrs. Tut tut Pete!

I guess Pete figured that Jacqui was fair game as they had dated each other the year before he met Megan, but he was very much mistaken. Like all cheating allegations, they have a way of coming out and while Jaqui admitted to texting Pete when his dog died, she didn’t encourage the sexting. Jacqui has since spoken to The Sun and OK! Magazine to
try and clear a few things up. She says:

He was doing the public affection thing with Megan and then sending me these messages. I just feel really sorry for Megan. Clearly she is a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve and I think he could potentially really hurt her.

It makes you think – is he just messaging me? Or are there loads of other girls?
I think he has this whole public perception of him that he is this big-hearted guy – but I think he is very clever. He totally wooed me at the beginning.

He’s just a dog and he loves the chase, he’ll never change and have a loving long-term relationship, but I think she’ll move on and be happy.”

While I don’t personally know Pete Wicks, I know a cheater when I see one and that dude has it stamped across his forehead. Pete’s love life may now be in tatters, but Jacqui’s career is going from strength to strength. Not only is she a kick-ass fitness trainer but she has also landed some saucy photoshoots in some rather prestigious magazines. Go Jacqui!

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