Easter might be over but that doesn’t mean the surprises have to stop. If you’re feeling a bit deflated after the epic Bank Holiday weekend don’t you worry your pretty little head as we have many a treat instore for you this weekend.  First off, due to popular demand the one and only Mica Martinez will be returning to Babestation Daytime. I know many a guy who will be creaming his pants at the mere thought of this babe coming back so this is bloody good news indeed.

This exotic brunette bombshell was once a regular on the Babestation night shows but after several years of flashing those cracking boobs she decided to switch to Daytime as the hours just suited her better. As a former night time girl myself I can tell you that it isn’t always easy getting home at 6am and waking up when the sun is already setting. Besides, it’s nice to switch up your body clock every now and then so you may well see Mica back on nights in the near future. Here she is doing what she does best – being a sexy minx.

Along with the return of babe channel veteran Mica we also have some sexy newbies to add to the list. The first being blonde hottie Jasmine Marie who only joined Babestation a few months ago but is already making a huge name for herself. As well as being beautiful, Jasmine is also really down to earth and has a good sense of humor. You’d be crazy to miss out on chatting with this babe the next time she’s on the show.

Another newbie is the gorgeous Bella, who I would definitely class as posh totty. The well spoken 23 year old only joined Babestation a month ago but she has taken to the show like a duck to water. You’ll struggle to resist her luscious lips and perfect ass.

If you thought Mica Martinez returning was exciting then the line up on BSX this weekend is going to blow your freakin mind. Tonight we have a solo show with petite hottie Jess West. She loves to pleasure herself and there is nothing better you could be doing tonight than settling down and watching this babe playing with her shaved pussy. Starts tonight at 11.30pm.

Saturday night is a filthy girl-girl show featuring Beth Bennett and Ella Hughes. These two are genuinely bisexual so watch as they enjoy each others tasty pussies. Tune in to BSX at 11.30pm!


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