Tammy Taylor and Charlie C are very naughty girls, in more ways than one. When I was writing about my visit to the studio the other day they were no more than a few feet away from me, laying on the bed with the phones in their hands, talking to you guys about everything from cars to underwear…

I have it on very good authority from the producer on shift at the time that when these two get together they are quite the recipe for trouble. They were teasing the poor guy something awful about a girl he’s interested in.  It was quite literally like a playground scene with the two of them teasing and chanting at him from either bed; quite a bizarre scene really!  He tells me it’s often like this when the “old school” girls are on shift together.

Tammy Taylor - Stockings
Tammy Taylor in Stockings

It’s all good fun however and the atmosphere is fantastic when you’re simply sitting there listening to what’s going on.  These two girls could quite easily host a comedy hour on the show if they put their heads, and their tits, together!  On Babestation you certainly get a firm sense of community within the ranks of girls, and indeed with the production team; it can’t be easy for these fully clothed guys to walk around the studio all day looking at Charlie C and Tammy Taylor laying on a bed with their tits half hanging out can it?

Babestation – Creating the Daytime Dream-Team