This Friday two of our finest daytime girls are taking a walk on the wild side of life by performing for those dogs over at Babestation X…

That’s right, we’ve tried our best to protect them as long as we can, but there’s just no keeping a good girl down guys (as I’m sure you’ve all had a lot of experience).  There’s a porn star in all of us, and it looks as though Tammy Taylor and Charlie C might just be considering something new!

Tammy Taylor porn
Tammy Taylor on Babestation X this Friday

Seriously though for a moment.  They’re not leaving us.  They just want to go over to Babestation X on Friday and get a little dirtier than they do on our show, that’s all.  If you want to catch them they’ll be on Friday night on Freeview Channel 174 or on the Babestation X website.  It won’t cost you much to see the show, so all you true Charlie and Tammy fans better be there; I’m sure the girls will be expecting you.

Charlie C porn
Charlie C on Babestation X this Friday

Just out of matter of interest, who else would you like to see out of our Babestation Daytime girls?  I mean going bad on Babestation X – even full porn star mode?  If you’ve got some ideas for us make sure you get your say by adding a comment in the box below and we’ll see what we can do.  The girls always love hearing your thoughts, as you know, so if we can petition them enough who knows where it might lead?

Babestation TV – Letting our girls off the leash and letting them run WILD!